How Much Value Does a Conservatory Add

Written by  John Davies
Last updated: July 28, 2023

Home improvements are big business. According to a 2020 renovation nation report, UK residents have spent £55 billion on renovations to revamp their property. Although a major chunk of the population is struggling with their finances, having to spend the entire day cooped up at home, has inspired 65% of homeowners to do some renovating.

When asked what are their reasons for investing in their home during the lockdown, about 27% stated they did it to boost the value of the home. A conservatory is one of the go-to choices for many. Since it extends your currently available space and creates impressive surroundings, it’s no wonder why so many homeowners want it in their homes.

The question is how much value will a conservatory add? We decided to take a closer look at conservatories. Including whether they make a good investment.

The Actual Monetary Value of a Conservatory

Splashing out some extra cash on housing improvements, not only creates a comfy living space but can also add value for potential buyers. Of course, the value of each improvement will vary. On average, a single improvement could add a 10% boost. That’s roughly £30,000 value on average.

Whereas homeowners who invest in conservatories come at the top of the list, with the potential to deliver a 108% return on their investment. That means, adding a new conservatory can more than double the return of a new bathroom.

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What Makes a Conservatory Worth the Costs?

A couple of years back, conservatories were best meant just to store plants. Now, people are loving the extra space and the cost-effective extension that gives them a nice place to rest. With it, they can design a stylish space. Like a dining room with a small garden that makes it more desirable. A conservatory is also easier on the wallet than a typical extension, meaning you can save on costs and still make the extra space look stunning.

Most Practical Ways to Add Value to Conservatories

To know how much value a conservatory adds, you would need to be familiar with all the factors that make the location more attractive. Its size and the materials used during construction are some of the key factors that will drive its value. Here is a list of the most notable ways to add value to a conservatory.

Direction of Sunlight

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Does the conservatory get freezing in winter or boiling hot in summer? Do you need to use artificial light all the time in summer to keep the plants alive? The best position for a conservatory that adds the most value is when the space faces southwest or southeast. It gets just enough sunlight without being overbearing. Plus, it is better to install the conservatory at the back of the house, away from the road. So, that you won’t have to bother with engines and exhausts.

View and Design

The best-selling conservatories are those with the most attractive surrounding views. But, even if you have a stunning garden to show off, without enough glass windows, the extra space won’t appear as cozy as you want it to be. So, invest in plenty of glass windows and make the surroundings more attractive.

Size and Convenience

Think carefully about the size of the conservatory you want to have. For example, if it’s too tiny, it will limit the number of things you can do inside. But, if the extension is too large, you would end up sacrificing too much garden space. Buyers are often put off by a conservatory that eats up the entire garden.

The viable size for a conservatory varies on the size of the property that you want to extend. To design without planning permission, conservatories can’t be larger than 50% of the area around the residence. That includes outbuildings and sheds.

Style of Home

The home’s style is a crucial component in how much value a conservatory adds. A poorly maintained conservatory with old-fashioned design, shoddy quality, and not enough glass is not a good selling point. If your home features an ultramodern design, then stick to it and make the conservatory blend in with the rest of its surroundings.

If you prefer a traditional design that’s more tailored to a country setting, then opt for decorations that will convey your ideas. The goal is to design a space that’s easy on the eyes and feels comfortable to be in. Add glass to let in some sunlight. The right decoration can take your conservatory to the next level. So, what you want is to give buyers that wow factor.


For those who live in colder climes, underfloor heating becomes a vital component in a good selling price. Heating makes the room more usable as a children’s playroom in winter. This is a massive benefit for parents.

empty extension


Opt for tiles or wood flooring instead of a carpet when constructing the extension. That’s because you will constantly feel on edge not to get the carpet dirty. If you really want a carpet, then place coconut matting for people to wipe their feet before they walk over it. This can give you some reassurance that the carpet is kept in shape.

Other Tips To Crank Up the Price

Whether you are planning to sell your property at a better price, or you just want an extra room to sit back and relax, you need to set about installing a conservatory the right way. After all, this area should feature an aesthetic appeal and offer a versatile space. These tips below can help you get it right.

  • To add the most value to any property, talk with estate agents in your local area. They can give you some practical advice on how to create a building that would sell well.
  • Don’t pinch pennies when building a conservatory. People who skimp on costs come up with cheap-looking conservatories that can make a property or a building worth less. Especially in a couple of years with wear and tear.
  • Make a visually striking conservatory with plants as an integral part of the project. Treat the greenery in the conservatory as a vital component of the whole space. They should stand out and be worth praising.
  • Add insulation. Today, people are looking for homes that are inviting, warm, and radiate energy. No one is eager to buy a home that’s too cold. So, insulation will be another driving component that adds value to the conservatory. That way, no one will worry about heat loss.

What About Planning Permission – Do I Need It to Build a Conservatory?

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Not really. Installing conservatories to a property is regarded as allowed development. Only if it meets specific guidelines and regulations. For example, there is no need for planning permission if the conservatory is not over 4m high and is lower than the tallest section of the current roof. It shouldn’t cover more than 50% of the area of land around the original building.

Get expert advice for more details. Like from a local estate agent. Of course, building regulations aren’t always that simple. That’s why it is best to get proper advice from planning officials and an estate agent in your local area. That way you can handle the project and add value without the unnecessary hassle.

Which Frame Suits Conservatories Best?

When looking for frames, you will be able to choose aluminum, timber, and uPVC. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative that’s easier to maintain compared to wood, then uPVC may be your best choice. Those who like a natural ambiance choose timber for their conservatory frame.

While to add sustainability, homeowners are installing wood frames. This material ages well. For slim and strong sightlines, with little to no maintenance, people choose aluminum. This highly versatile material can add value to the property. Whereas uPVC could detract from its value. That’s because aluminum is best meant for long-term use.


Conservatories have many uses. They can be your ultimate plant paradise, a place to play, or a space to host amazing dinner parties. Because of how versatile and practical they can be, people have been investing a hefty sum to get the conservatory of their dreams.

If you are looking to sell your property, but don’t know how to add more value, then this extra space is something you can work with. Now that you know the right ways to improve your building, you can make the most of the property you are trying to sell.

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