Sash Window Costs Full Explanation & Guide

Written by  John Davies
Last updated: August 8, 2023

The sash window is a very popular style of window, particularly for homeowners with older, more traditional houses. Their modest features and easily customisable designs make them ideal window options for newer builds too. 

If you’re considering a sash window, or need to replace an old one, you need to have an idea of the costs involved. Within Home’s expert team of window specialists and costing professionals want to ensure you understand the costing factors associated with sash window installation. We’ve put together this ultimate guide to sash window costing to help you during your sash window replacement or installation process.  

Sash Window Pricing Calculator

Cost Breakdown for Sash Windows 

When it comes to sash window installation, several influential aspects will influence the project costs. Firstly, you need to consider what type of sash window installation you need. Are you restoring an old sash window? Are you installing an entirely new sash window? Does one of your existing sash windows need to be completely replaced? 

A simple restoration can cost as little as £80 if there is minimal work required. However, for more extreme sash window restoration projects, costs can be up to £2000. Other cost factors include other customisations such as the colour you decide on, the size of the window and the glass options you choose. These are factors whether you’re restoring or replacing a window or having new windows put in. The table below gives you a better understanding of the sort of costs associated with installing a sash window. 

Type of Sash Window JobFeaturesCost
ReplacementSash window with double glazing£1,300
Sash window restoration (minor damage)£80 – £488
Sash window restoration (lots of work needed)Up to £2000
Draught proofing£200 – £400
Cord repair £120 – £160
Brand New InstallationuPVC material 500mm X 500mm frame size£500 – £600
uPVC material 1200mm x 1200mm frame size£700 – £800
Aluminium frames £1,100 – £1,400
Wooden frames£1,000 – £1,800

These figures are just estimates based on previous market and service trends. If you are thinking about getting your sash window repaired or installing a new one, you will need to get official quotes from a trusted supplier. Within Home can help with obtaining quotes and advise on where you may be able to save money. 

Restoring vs Replacing Your Sash Windows

Typically, restoring or repairing an existing Sash Window with minor damage is far cheaper than replacing it completely. However, some older properties may require a more thorough restoration job, meaning the price will be more expensive than simply installing a new window. 

Some properties may need to have their windows entirely replaced owing to aged wood or the use of non-compliant material. Always ask a professional if you can have your sash window repaired before seeking to replace it completely. A good contractor will be able to tell you exactly what needs to happen, and you can take customising the window from there. 

Sash Window Framing

One of the most popular materials used to frame sash windows is uPVC. It’s white and creates a lovely effect on older houses. The material is also highly durable and does not need to be repainted. uPVC’s low maintenance and typically lower cost make it a popular material for sash window installers to use. 

As for wooden frames, these are typically the most expensive, with softwood frames costing up to £1800 and hardwood frames costing quite a bit more. Many people like the aesthetic of a wooden frame. If the material is treated properly, sash windows can last a long time. 

Aluminium frames are also an option for window framing, the cost of which sits in the middle of uPVC and wooden frames. 

Window Weight and Size

As you can imagine, the heavier and bigger a sash window is, the more expensive it will be to install. This is mainly because larger windows require more materials to make, however, it is also harder work to install bigger pillows. 

Before deciding on the size of the sash window you want, you also need to make sure that the supporting walls have sufficient structure to be able to hold the sash window in place. The supporting structure or wall must be assessed by a professional contractor. Be aware that some window installers may charge for this assessment. 

The Type of Glazing

The type of glazing you get very much depends on where you are living. For example, if you’re living in a colder area, double or even triple glazing may be necessary to retain more heat indoors. However, these are also usually relatively expensive options. 

There are also different types of glass that may be more appropriate in some sash window designs than others. Acoustic glass is a fantastic material for noise insulation, but it is on the upper end of sash window costs. For a completely soundproof window, acoustic glass can cost up to £4000.

On the cheaper side, some glass types can cost as little as £120 per sheet. 

Glazing Bar Arrangements

The mounting of the glazing is another aspect of window installation and design that impacts the cost. An astragal is usually preferred as they are better quality than Georgian bars, however, they are on the more pricey side of things. They cover both sides of the glazing, offering more support, but also adding more weight to the window itself. Astragal bars are cut to fit the size of the panes of glass, therefore costing more owing to the labour that went into making them. 

On the other hand, Georgian bars only sit on the inside of the sash window, typically between two window panes of a double-glazed window. This is often the cheaper option, as aesthetically it gives off the same visual impression as that of astragal window bars. 

Colour Costs

The desired colour of the frames on your window can escalate your sash window costs greatly. In combination with the colour, you’ll have to also consider the material out of which you want the window frame to be made. 

For example, a uPVC frame is white by default. However, if you want the frame to be a different colour, you will need to pay for additional services like colour bonding. A similar principle applies to other material frames like aluminium. 

Custom colouring wooded frames is a lot easier, although it is a lot more expensive than simply going with a varnished look. As a customer, you will have to decide whether or not you are okay with a glossy paint finish, or if you would prefer a matt look. Matt finishes tend to be more expensive than just glossy wood paint, however, it is possible to order. 


As a general rule of thumb, customising anything can be expensive. The same goes for sash windows. Due to the functionality of a sash window, customising a design is not only challenging but also especially expensive. Customising a sash window may involve changing typical materials to something that better suits your taste. Depending on what the materials are, you may incur higher costs. 

Customising glass is also popular with those who want to install or replace sash windows,

Especially when installing them in rooms such as bathrooms. Frosted glass or tinted glass is often more expensive but can be necessary for certain purposes.

What you should know before having your new sash windows installed

When looking for contractors, you should know that the cost of installing a sash window is probably going to be one of the biggest expenses of the whole project. That’s why for a standard sash window installation, you’re looking at around £1,300 per window. Labour costs in the United Kingdom also tend to be more expensive than in other countries, so be prepared for higher costs associated with your English home. 

You also need to make sure that the correct checks and assessments are done beforehand. Most contractors will quote you for free, but Within Home can help you determine whether or not you are being over-quoted for pre-installation inspections. 

Other Influences on Sash Window Pricing 

Some other factors may influence the pricing of your sash window and its installation that actually have nothing to do with the materials or physical aspects of the window itself. 

For example, your home’s location may influence the price if it’s particularly remote and requires more effort for contractors to get to. Some materials may also not be available in the United Kingdom and therefore will need to be imported from overseas. 

The degree of complexity surrounding the sash window design is also something that can influence the overall pricing for sash windows. You may, for example, want customised arches on the top of the window, which will require a further considered design. 

When you consult with Within Home, all of these factors will be clearly laid out for you, so you’re less likely to miss anything or incur unexpected costs during your sash window repair or installation. 

Sash Window Costing FAQs

When should I replace my old sash windows?

If the sash window has been made and installed correctly, then there should be very little need to replace the windows often. For a classic wooden window frame, there is an average lifespan of around 72 years. With regular maintenance and good finishes, there should be limited need to replace a sash window at all. 

However, if you start experiencing draughts coming from the direction of the sash window, you should have that seen to by a professional. If your wooden frame has wood rot or is showing severe signs of decay, it may be a sign your sash window needs replacing or repairing. 

What is the added value of sash windows?  

Sash windows are very aesthetically pleasing and therefore add quite a bit of value to the property to which they are attached. They are also great features for properties with a more traditional exterior. They also have added value in that they are low maintenance and can be made to let a lot of light into a room. Having sash windows can also help you to save money on expensive heating bills given their excellent insulation properties. 

Are sash windows expensive?

There are less expensive ways to have sash windows installed. You can save money on the materials used as well as the type of glazing you go for. However, for the premium sash window models, you can be looking at around £1,300 plus per window including installation. Always make sure you do your research instead of going for the first quote you receive. 

Are casement or sash windows more expensive? 

Casement windows are less expensive than sash windows, but they do not have as many benefits in terms of added value. However, some houses may suit the aesthetic of a casement window better than a sash window. For expert advice, get in touch with Within Home. 

Can you replace a sash of a window only?

If you don’t want to incur the cost of a full sash window replacement, you can have just the sash replaced. This is the cheaper option and typically takes less time than the replacement of the whole window. This is mostly possible for minor damages such as localised faults or broken glass. 

Why do sash windows cost so much?

The cost of a sash window depends on many factors. However, sash windows will cost more if they are slightly bigger and heavier than standard sizes. It’s also heavily dependent on the materials that are used in the frame and for the glazing. 

What are the benefits of wooden sash windows? 

Wooden sash windows are great for keeping in line with traditional aesthetics. They are also very durable and will not need maintenance if treated properly. Good varnishing and good paint will ensure that a wooden sash window lasts a long time. Wood is also easier to custom colour, requiring only wood paint suitable for the outdoors. 

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