Skip Hire Costs Explained

If you’re doing any sort of large project on your home, then you probably need a skip. They come in all shapes and sizes, ok they’re pretty all much the same shape but different sizes at least! In this article, I’m going to cover the different sizes, what you can actually fit in them, and how much they cost (including whether you need a permit or not).

Depending on the project you’re doing you will likely have a lot of waste if you’re here then you already are planning a fairly big project or at least a good clearout!

The local disposals usually have restrictions, and they may refuse to take the trash which is why you’re probably looking at a skip, or it’s just a lot easier to get a skip, be careful you don’t just assume they will take everything make sure you check beforehand.

There are many skip hire companies from which to choose, so usually, it’s pretty safe you’re getting a competitive price.

However, there are other ways of managing your waste management that would enable you to get the best prices as you don’t want to spend too much on the garbage disposal. Understanding what you need is the most critical step in ensuring that you get what you need. This guide gives you everything you need to know when hiring a skip and how to ensure that your bills are lower.

What Size of Skip Do You Need? – Skip Hire Prices Below

Many people end up paying too much since they are unable to approximate which size of skip is most suitable for their needs, and if you have a skip on the street for too long, chances are your neighbours might sneak stuff in. At the same time, getting something too small is pointless, you’ll have to get it emptied more than once or just be a massive pain for no real gain. However, when you manage to get the right size, it is possible only to need one trip, especially if your project doesn’t have too much waste. Here are the most common sizes, along with what you can typically expect to use for each project:

skip price comparison

Mini – 4 Yard Skip Hire Cost

This is the smallest size you will find and is most suitable for little gardening or DIY projects that don’t have too much waste. It can hold approximately 45 bags of garbage effectively, so it is still quite large. It measures about 1.3meters in length and width with a height of roughly 0.8 meters.

Hiring this will cost you between £85 and £130. It may cost you at least £50 in London.

Medium – 8 Yard Skip Cost

Most people will hire this skip, and that is because it holds up to 80 bags of waste at a go. If you have any medium to significant renovation or construction project, this will most likely handle the garbage for a week adequately. It measures about 3.7meters in length by 1.7meters width against a 1.3meters height.

The cost of this type of skip is no less than £250 in most parts of the UK, and about £30 more around London.

Large – 12 Yard Skip Cost

While it is not the largest, this is one of the more suitable sizes if you have a relatively large project on going that will yield up to 140 bags of waste. It is efficient in most cases, so you won’t need it emptied until the end of the week, which is what you want. The skip measures 3.8meters length, 1.8 meters in width, and 1.9 meters in height. The average cost for this is about £350 with it costing about £25 more in London.

While these are the most commonly used skips for home construction and renovations, you can get larger ones in 16, 20, and up to 30 yards if you anticipate having more waste. You can consult with your contractor to know which size of skip is most suitable for the job.