What Does Conservatory Cleaning Cost in 2023?

Written by  John Davies
Last updated: September 7, 2023
conservatory cleaning cost

With glass structures, dirt, debris and mould are conspicuous and exaggerated. The buildup will also cause structural damage (like leaks and cracks) over time. Therefore, regular cleaning is essential to the aesthetics and health of a conservatory. So, let’s tell you how much it costs to hire a professional for the job.  

On average, conservatory cleaning costs £100 to £500, depending on the type of service and other factors. However, this is just an estimate. The actual cost could be higher or even lower. No figure, no matter how accurate, will be enough to answer your question anyway. So, this article is going to cover a lot more.

We won’t just explore the prices of different conservatory cleaning services. We will also discuss the factors that influence those prices, the additional costs, money-saving tips and whether you should consider cleaning the conservatory yourself. In other words, we will cover every information you need to get professional conservatory cleaning services at a reasonable rate. 

Average Conservatory Cleaning Prices in 2023

Conservatory Cleaning ServiceCostDuration
Conservatory exterior cleaning£100 – £2501 – 3 hours
Conservatory interior cleaning£100 – £2501 – 3 hours
Conservatory exterior and interior cleaning£250 – £5002 – 4 hours
Conservatory roof cleaning£100 – £400 1 – 3 hours
Valet service£600 and above 2 – 4 hours

Once again, these are just estimates. So, expect slight variations when you finally get a quote from a professional conservatory cleaner. In fact, the price might not be the only thing that changes. The billing method may, too. This is because some professionals prefer to charge per panel. In such situations, they will ask for around £10 to £14 per panel.

That’s not all. Some companies may request a minimum conservatory cleaning fee of £85 to £100. Others may charge separately for services like polishing and gutter cleaning. That’s why you must always get a written quote when hiring someone for this kind of service. Let them paint a clear picture of what you will get for your money. This way, there won’t be confusion and hidden charges.

Factors That Influence Conservatory Cleaning Cost

There are six factors in total. Some are more important than others but they all impact conservatory cleaning costs. 

The Size of the Conservatory

The bigger a conservatory is, the more money you’ll have to pay to clean it. The reason is simple. Due to the larger surface area, whomever you hire will use more supplies, time and labour. Therefore, they will want a higher fee. That’s why conservatory cleaning costs for the exterior of a small conservatory is just £100 – £150. For medium and large conservatories, the figures are around £125 – £200 and £200 – £250, respectively.

The Material of the Conservatory

Generally, one must be careful when cleaning a conservatory because the wrong cleaning product and technique can cause damage. However, some conservatories are even more fragile than usual. Examples of this are conservatories with UV-coated glazing and delicate frames.

When cleaning these conservatories, the cleaners must be extra careful and cautious. They will also have to use special cleaning products and good technique. Therefore, they will want a higher fee. So, expect higher conservatory cleaning costs if your conservatory has delicate building materials.

The Structural Complexity of the Conservatory

Conservatories with complex shapes and features like skylights and roof lanterns are harder to clean. The conservatory cleaners must work around and pay special attention to those features. Therefore, they might decide to increase their rate. 

The Type of Conservatory Cleaning Service

Let’s go back to our table for one minute. There, we explored the prices of five different conservatory cleaning service types. As you can see, roof cleaning is sometimes more expensive than exterior or interior cleaning. Meanwhile, a combined exterior and interior cleaning service costs more than all three. Obviously, this is because of the larger surface area.

All the conservatory cleaning types on that table are self-explanatory except for valet service. So, let’s talk about it. In simple terms, a valet service is an intensive conservatory cleaning service. It touches every part of the conservatory, including those that regular cleaning doesn’t.

A valet service involves cleaning, polishing and oiling (where appropriate) all these parts. Here is a quick breakdown.

  • The frames and glazing get cleaned and polished
  • Gutters and hard-to-reach places get cleaned
  • Window and door handles, hinges and locks get cleaned and oiled. 
  • Even conservatory furniture gets some love

At the end of everything, the conservatory could pass for new. 

Therefore, a valet service is like conservatory cleaning on steroids. It is intensive and transformative. That’s why it is more expensive than the others. However, a conservatory doesn’t need valet service regularly. Only once every three years.

The Condition of the Conservatory

Cleaning costs will also be higher for dirty or ill-maintained conservatories. Dirt, mould and co have had time to accumulate. Therefore, the cleaners will have to work harder. They may even need to use special cleaning materials on stubborn stains. Therefore, expect conservatory cleaning costs to rise for this reason.

Besides, the buildup of (dirt, mould, debris, stagnant water, etc.) may have started to damage the glass, sealing and frames. That’s what happens to poorly maintained glass structures. Repairing those damages will further inflate your budget for this project. That’s why you must clean your conservatory regularly, at least once or twice a year.

Your Geographic Location

This comes down to the standard of living in your area. Goods and services are usually more expensive in places with higher living standards. So, conservatory cleaning costs will be higher in big cities. It will also be higher in the south of the UK. 

Factors That Influence Conservatory Cleaning Cost

Additional Costs to Consider

Here are the additional costs that you might encounter in conservatory cleaning.

Repairs and Replacements

There are three reasons to welcome this additional cost. Reason one, it is easier to identify structural issues when a conservatory is clean. Dirt, debris and mould conceal blemishes. Reason two, it’s best to fix conservatory problems as early as possible. If not, they will worsen and become more expensive to resolve. Reason three, there is a chance the people you hired to clean your conservatory also do repairs.

So, this is as good a time as any for conservatory repairs. Tell the repairers about issues you noticed. You can also tell them to do an inspection and make recommendations. Of course, this means that you will be spending more money. 

However, the total cost depends on the types of repairs needed. Plus, you will save money by not waiting until the problem worsens. Common conservatory repair needs are resealing of leaks, panel replacement and roof replacement. 

Gutter Cleaning

As stated earlier, some companies charge a separate fee for this service. So, ask the cleaning technician for everything you need to know about their service, including the terms and conditions.

Special Treatments

These include treatments that are not in a typical type of conservatory cleaning service. Examples are fungal and insecticide treatments or polishing and coating with UV protection.

UV protection

Tips for Saving Money on Conservatory Cleaning

Here are four ways to reduce conservatory cleaning costs.

Do Some Tasks Yourself

You can reduce costs to almost nothing by cleaning the conservatory yourself. This way, you won’t have to pay anyone. You will only be spending money on supplies and equipment. However, this tip is about saving money while hiring a professional conservatory cleaning service. So, let’s focus on that.

There are tasks you can do yourself to reduce the workload and fee of a conservatory cleaning technician. Examples include removing conservatory contents (if needed) and cleaning them yourself. Do these tasks yourself to reduce conservatory cleaning costs.

Choose Regular Maintenance Packages over One-off Cleaning

Most conservatory cleaning and maintenance companies have long-term plans with discounts and other benefits. However, your wallet is not the only one that benefits when you sign up for long-term and regular maintenance packages. Your conservatory also does. It will receive better attention and care than one-off cleaning services can offer.

Try Bundled Services

Bundled services are another great way to reduce conservatory cleaning costs and take better care of your conservatory. This project is a perfect opportunity to give your conservatory its other maintenance needs besides cleaning.

Conservatory cleaning companies know that, too. So, they often have packages that include various conservatory maintenance services. These packages often have better rates and discounts. So, you will save money in the long run.

Go for Seasonal Discounts

Conservatory cleaning is a seasonal business, not a year-round one. Most people prefer to clean their conservatories around spring or before winter. This means that conservatory cleaning companies often struggle with low patronage in other periods of the year.

Like most businesses, conservatory companies offer discounts to attract customers during slow periods. Therefore, you can get conservatory cleaning at discounted rates. 

Professional VS DIY Conservatory Cleaning

We cannot talk about professional conservatory cleaning without mentioning DIY conservatory cleaning. Let’s look at the difference between them. Without a doubt, the DIY approach is much cheaper. In fact, you can reduce conservatory cleaning costs to almost nothing by taking this route.

However, money is not the only thing at stake here. Remember that the wrong cleaning product and technique can damage a conservatory. The process also involves working at height. So, cleaning a conservatory yourself is a bad idea unless you have DIY experience and the right tools and knowledge.  

Professional conservatory cleaners have all three of these. They have the experience, tools and knowledge. Therefore, you can be confident that the job will go smoothly. Hiring them will also save you a lot of stress and time.

Professional Conservatory Cleaning Service

Tips for Hiring a Professional Conservatory Cleaning Service

You don’t need a licensed person or company for conservatory cleaning. You just need to hire someone who knows what they are doing. Here are some helpful tips.

  • Use reliable people and platforms to find recommendations: You will find conservatory cleaning companies and technicians with good reputations and experience through reliable sources.
  • Check references and reviews: Don’t just rely on other people’s opinions. Do your assignment by checking references, proof of work and online reviews before hiring. Some companies will have a website but you can also use review platforms and social media.  
  • Ask about insurance coverage: This will protect all parties involved in case of accidents. 
  • Get a written quote: We must repeat this one more time, even at the risk of sounding like a broken record.
  • Review multiple companies before choosing one: Don’t just go with the first person or company you find. Instead, compare the services and prices. Then, pick the best fit.


Conservatory cleaning costs around £100 to £500 depending on service type and other factors. The price of a valet service is much higher. So, the answer to your question depends on the cleaning service. Therefore, what type of cleaning service does your conservatory need? That’s the only thing that truly matters.

Moreover, you can always find good deals and use the money-saving tips we discussed. The purpose of this article and our website, in general, is to help you find excellent services at reasonable rates.  So, reach out. Let us start looking for quotes for conservatory cleaning in your area.


Does DIY Conservatory Cleaning Cost a Lot Less than DIY Conservatory Cleaning?

Yes, DIY conservatory cleaning is a lot cheaper. However, this doesn’t mean that professional conservatory cleaning is not worth it. In fact, despite the price difference, you still get a lot of value for your money. No matter what, a professional will most likely do a better job. Besides, there are ways to reduce professional conservatory cleaning costs.

How Often Should I Clean My Conservatory?

Clean your conservatory once or twice a year. However, remember that this is not the only maintenance that it needs. You must still do everyday cleaning and maintenance. You can also order a valet service every three years. Above all, watch out for problems and fix them immediately.

Can I Get an Accurate Quote Online?

Technically, no. All the conservatory cleaning prices in this article and on the internet are estimates. Although based on industry knowledge and experience, they are still estimates. So, you can’t get accurate quotes online. In fact, you may not even get an accurate vote until a conservatory cleaning company inspects your conservatory.   

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