Artificial Grass Cost – Full Guide To Fake Grass

Fixing your front or back yard can be a challenging and expensive thing to do. Hiring a professional landscaper is not an option for many, which is why you have artificial grass. Some years back this grass didn’t look great, but after a lot of development, you have options that resemble the real thing. It is an easy way to make your grounds look great all year long, but you have to choose the best one for your needs.

One of the best things about artificial grass is that it is low maintenance. You don’t need to mow or water it regularly so if you don’t have the time for real grass it is an excellent option. It is essential to do your research and comparisons before committing by purchasing any type.

Find the best deal you can get by going straight to the showrooms or stores. This allows you actually to see what you will get. In this article you will get more information about installation costs, benefits, and disadvantages, so you make an informed decision.

Cost of Buying and Fitting Artificial Grass

How much you pay for your artificial grass depends on the kind you choose to buy. The following table shows the average cost of buying artificial grass per meter square.

Quality of Artificial Grass Cost (per m2)
Low Quality £10 – £15
Medium Quality £22 – £24
Premium Quality £25 – £27

Artificial Grass Cost Calculator

per sqm (Not Fitted)