How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost?

How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost?

Written by  Harry Taylor
Last updated: January 17, 2024

Fixing your front or back yard can be a challenging and expensive thing to do. Hiring a professional landscaper is not an option for many, which is why many choose artificial grass. In this article you will get more information about installation costs, benefits, and disadvantages, so you can make an informed decision.

Cost of Buying and Fitting Artificial Grass

How much you pay for your artificial grass depends on the kind you choose to buy. The following table shows the average cost of buying artificial grass per meter square.

Quality of Artificial GrassCost (per m2)
Low Quality£10 – £15
Medium Quality£22 – £24
Premium Quality£25 – £27

Artificial Grass Cost Calculator

per sqm (Not Fitted)
per sqm (Not Fitted)
per sqm (Not Fitted)

How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost to Install?

Artificial grass costs £25.5 to £69 per square metre, depending on the quality of the grass. However, labour alone makes up 34.8% of total costs. So, you can reduce artificial grass costs to £16.6 to £45 by doing the job yourself.

Grass qualityArtificial grass aloneArtificial grass cost (all supplies and installation)
Low£10-£15 per square metre£25.5-£38.3 per square metre
Medium£22-£24 per square metre£56-£61.2 per square metre
Premium£25-£27 per square metre£64-£69 per square metre

Here is a breakdown of the cost of installing medium-quality artificial grass on a lawn of 30 square metres. This sort of information can give you a better understanding of artificial grass costs

Medium quality artificial grass (alone)£23
Other supplies£70
Skip hire£200
Artificial grass cost (total)£1740
Artificial grass cost per square metre£58 per square metre

Additional Costs of Artificial Grass Installation

Only 39.2% of your expenses will be on the grass itself. 34.8% goes to labour costs, while the remaining 26% goes to additional costs. These additional costs include the subbase, skip hire and other supplies. They affect artificial grass costs. So, they are important to this conversation. Here is a breakdown. 

Subbase (hardcore or crushed granite)£50-£65 per ton
Weed membrane£1-£3 per square metre
150mm steel fixing pins£23-£25 per 100 pins
Jointing tape£0.9-£2 per square metre
Jointing Adhesive£5.5-£7 per tube
Kiln dried sand£5-£6 for a 30kg bag
Skip hire£200-250

How Much Do Artificial Grass Installers Charge Per Day?

Gardeners and other professional installers charge £300 to £600 per day to install artificial grass. Prices will vary from one contractor to another. So, compare prices and ask for written quotes.

What should you consider when buying Artificial Grass?

It is essential to know what to expect when going in, so you get the best value for your money. Other than your budget, there are many more details that will determine what you purchase. It is important to either find an excellent contractor who understands your needs or to be hands-on in the process especially if you want to you a DIY. The following are some significant areas on which you should focus.


Quality artificial grass is quite heavy compared to cheap of fake ones. This is because they have a higher pile count and therefore the weight is higher per square meter. Good quality artificial grass should not weigh less than 2Kgs per meter square. That is around the heaviness of the medium-quality option which is good enough for most homes. Make sure you request for the supplier to weigh it so you can see for yourself otherwise you may get something different.


How long would you like the grass to be? There are several options of height, and you should know what you want from the beginning. If you wish to natural looking-freshly mowed lawn, as most people do, you should go for 16mm to 23mm. This looks neater, and no one would be able to identify it as artificial. However, if you want longer grass some go up to 30mm which gives a full look that may be great for everyone.


There are various colours from which to choose so you can identify the one that suits your lawn the best. If you aren’t sure about the colour, you can get a few samples and take them home to give you a better idea. Whatever colour you choose, remember that the sun causes the colour to fade over time so if you like it to look entirely green for longer, don’t opt for anything too light.


Many people use the length of warranty to figure out the quality, and sometimes the more years you get, the better the quality. However, good quality artificial grass has at least ten years warranty which is very good. Some manufacturers give up to 15 years for the costlier type, so it all depends on what works for you.

Country of Manufacture

It is essential also to check where the artificial grass was manufactured to give you a better idea of what to expect. Products manufactured in Europe or America tends to be of higher quality than Chinese ones. Ensure that the grass is made using at least C6 material and not C4 which is found in many Chinese ones regardless of the price. Ask the supplier about it and compare to see the difference to get the best quality.

What are the Pros of Installing Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is excellent because it makes your life easier. It gives you a lot what a natural turf would but without the hassle but there is more you can gain. The following are some reasons to choose artificial.

It’s easy and fast to install

Planting actual grass takes so much time and care, which is not the case if you choose to go artificial. Artificial grass is ready-made so all you need to do is to install it either by yourself or contractor and you have your entirely green lawn. It can be done in only a day if you have adequate help compared to the months spent caring and growing for real grass.

Great for children and pets

Artificial grass is safe to use in a home with children and is more reliable than real grass. The grass is like a soft carpet so if you have a toddler that may fall often; it is a great benefit. It may break your child’s fall what mean fewer injuries to your children. The choice is also excellent for a home with pets since it is easy to clean in case of accidents and it is softer on your pet’s paws. It is not easy for your pets or kids to choke on anything since good quality artificial grass is very stable and doesn’t fall apart.

Reduced water bills

People use thousands of litres of water every year for watering their lawn, especially in the drier months. Maintaining a healthy-looking turf is not easy and often leads to very high water bills. If you would like to save some money and also conserve water then artificial grass is the way to go. It doesn’t require any liquid apart from cleaning it once in a while. While it is not very cheap to install the artificial grass with the savings that you will make on your water bills, you can get your full investment in a few years.

Stays looking good for longer

If you don’t take excellent care of your grass, then it will dry up or overgrow, and you will have to put in a lot of effort to have it looking decent. Artificial grass, on the other hand, is low maintenance, and since it doesn’t require water, it won’t dry up and look brown for years. The grass will look great even after a long time, so it is an excellent solution if you want your lawn always to look great.

Excellent for landlords

Landlords with properties that have a lawn sometimes have a problem with the tenants who don’t want the responsibility of trimming and watering the grass. This is because it takes up too much time usually and increases the water bill which the landlord doesn’t cater for. However, artificial grass isn’t high maintenance and doesn’t require water so your tenants will have it more comfortable. It also lasts long with little care, so it is a significant long term investment.

Suitable for all spaces

It doesn’t matter how large or small your space is; the artificial lawn can be specially tailored to fit the area. Even if you have some unique curves and designs, the grass is customisable if you find the right person to do it. You can also have it custom cut from the supplier if you want to do it yourself, all you need is to give the correct measurements of the area.

Cons of Installing Artificial Grass

There is so much you gain from getting artificial grass, but you should also know the disadvantages so you can make a better comparison. The following are the major cons of an artificial lawn.

The initial cost is high

Buying the materials, tools as well as paying an installer will cost you a few thousands of dollars. This cost is very high compared to the initial price needed for a real lawn. Many people on a budget end up getting substandard artificial grass that looks and feels horrible compared to what they would prefer. Therefore, if you want this type of grass, it is best that you prepare adequately to foot the bill but also be prudent in looking for an affordable contractor.

May feel hot in high temperature

Nothing can replace feeling cool real grass under your feet on a hot day. Unfortunately, the artificial grass doesn’t have this cooling effect and can sometimes feel too hot for comfort. Because of the material of the lawn, it sometimes absorbs too much heat which warms it up quite a bit especially on a hot summer day.

It is permeable

The grass allows any liquids that pour on it to seep into it, and if something smelly or harmful sticks, it can be challenging to clean. For example, if you have pets and they have accidents on the grass, you must clean it immediately. Leaving it for too long may breed bacteria and make your artificial lawn to stink which is not pleasant for anyone.

It’s made from fossil fuels

In the world right now, it is crucial to discourage the use of fossil fuels that pollute the environment, and artificial grass is one of them. While it lasts incredibly long without needing disposal, the manufacturing process may cause pollution. Also, if the material is not disposed of correctly, it doesn’t decay so it may be harmful to animals and sources of water.

Before diving into anything, it is essential to do your research and have every little detail in your hands. This ensures that you have a good understanding of what you want and how you want it, so you get exactly that. When going to check the materials, ensure that you ask for a sample package which most manufacturers and suppliers give. This is important not only so you can have an idea of what it would look like in your lawn but compare the quality.

If you wish to do a DIY project, you will be happy to know that it is easy and doable. The critical thing to remember is that you should have the procedure well laid out and ensure that you understand it. Remember also to get all the tools you need since they will make your job easier. You can also do it 50-50 with an installer to save some money if you find someone who can be patient with you.

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