Chimney Breast Removal Cost

Chimney Breast Removal

It’s 2022. We are all doing our part to reduce global warming and there are multiple environmental-friendly and affordable cental heating systems. With this in mind, you probably haven’t used your chimney in a while, which is why you are thinking about removing it or, in this case, removing the chimney breast specifically.

If you did remove the chimney breast, you will have extra space you can utilise. In addition, you can stop worrying about maintenance costs for something you no longer need in your property.

However, chimney removal costs can be high. Removing the entire thing (breast and stack) can set you back by about £3000 to £3500. And the actual chimney breast removal alone accounts for most of that amount.

So why is it so expensive? The chimney, especially the breast, is fully integrated into the structural integrity of a house. Removing the chimney is like performing surgery on the house. It requires engineering expertise as well as intense and skilled physical labour.

Therefore, this article will not only cover chimney breast removal prices. It will discuss everything needed to make the entire process go smoothly. 

How Much Does It Cost For Chimney Breast Removal?

Project  Cost  (£) Time frame (days)
Entire chimney breast removal minus the stack 2200 – 2400 2 – 3
Ground floor chimney breast removal  1500 – 1800 1.5 – 2
First floor chimney breast removal 1750 – 2000 1.5 – 2


  • Entire chimney breast removal minus the stack: costs £2200 – £2400
  • Ground-floor chimney breast removal: costs £1500 – £1800
  • First-floor chimney breast removal: costs £1750 – £2000

These estimates cover supply and labour for every part of the chimney removal process, such as breaking down the brickwork, installing Gallow brackets (for support), stripping, and plastering. However, the only way to know the full extent of the package is to ask the tradespeople for a cost breakdown.

At the end of the day, you can expect 40 to 50% of the costs to go into supply, 40% to labour (at £200-300 per day for each worker) and the remaining 10% on waste disposal.

What Are The Key Cost Factors?

You can expect chimney removal cost to vary depending on the following factors: 

Scope of the project: From the table above, you will see that cost of removing the entire chimney breast is the highest, followed by the first floor/bedroom chimney breast and finally the ground floor chimney breast. This is because the project scope (aka the amount of work needed to complete a chimney removal job) decreases between these three projects, respectiv