Resin Driveway Cost: Full Guide On Pros & Cons

grey black resin driveway

In the past, contractors typically built driveways out of tarmac or gravel. However, in recent years an increased number of contractors are using resin instead.

The average resin driveway will set you back £2,400. However, the price can vary depending on the driveway’s size and the quality of materials used.


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What is Resin?


Resin is a rather fantastic substance secreted by plants, usually when they are hurt, to protect themselves. It can shield plants from harmful insects and pathogens while allowing them to heal. This organic type of resin is tough and resilient.

In recent years humans have made significant advances in producing synthetic resin. The availability of the synthetic version has allowed us to use some of the amazing natural resin properties in constructing our driveways.


What are the Advantages of Resin Driveways?


Resin has unique advantages. It combines a great deal of strength and resilience with permeability and adaptability.

What does this mean in practice? As a homeowner, you will have to do very little to maintain a resin driveway.

One of the significant advantages of resin in this regard is its ability to deal with rain or moisture of any kind. Water and other liquids easily pass-through a resin-based driveway.

That means you will not have to deal with any of those pesky puddles gathering on the driveway. Instead, rain flows through the driveway immediately without damaging it or undermining its integrity. Therefore, it is probably the best surface to use if you live in a rainy area.

Contractors can also set resin in a wide variety of patterns. The best news is that once you have settled on a look, it will not change for a very long time. Resin does not oxidize and rarely becomes discoloured. As an additional bonus, the resin mixture is odourless.

The traditional materials used for driveways are not as durable as they once were. Keep in mind that tarmac and asphalt are byproducts of oil refinement. As the refineries have improved over the years, they use more quality material, and the remaining residue has decreased in quality. As a result, the asphalt and tarmac available today are inferior to the ones commonly used twenty years ago. Resin has not suffered a similar fate

Finally, the resin is an exceptionally customizable material. The blend used can come in different colours and consistencies. Driveways are generally not particularly pretty. However, with some imagination, the resin variety can be quite attractive.

With these advantages, you ca