How Much Do New Windows Cost? 2023 Full Breakdown

Written by  John Davies
Last updated: October 18, 2023

In this guide, we’ll take you through the average cost per window and what you can expect to pay when you install new windows into your home. Although these prices will give you a good representation of the ballpark prices you can expect, you may also have to get in touch with a professional in the field to get accurate pricing to set your budget against.

Average Cost For Windows By Type

The type of window you choose to go for is one of the biggest determining factors when it comes to window cost. There are 3 main types of windows available on the market, namely, casement, sash, and bay windows are the more expensive window styles, given that they are typically larger than other standard designs and they also require more labour to fit. Casement windows are more standard and therefore cost less than the others. 

The style of the window is certainly a key factor in window costing. However, the size of the window is just as important. The bigger the window, the more labour is needed to get the window in place. More materials are also required to manufacture the window unit, and therefore the cost of each one will be a lot higher. 

For the purpose of price comparison, we’ve put together a table to give you an idea about the ballpark cost you can get a good estimate of what to expect during your window installation project. 

Window TypeFrame Size Double GlazingBallpark Price uPVC frame Ballpark Price Aluminium frame Ballpark Price Timber frame 
Bay Window600 x 900mm£500 – £800£1100 – £1400£1700 – £2000
900 x 1200mm£800 – £1200£1300 – £1600£2400 – £2800
1200 x 1200mm£1300 – £1800£1500 – £2000£2700 – £3000
Sash Window600 x 900mm£325 – £600£825 – £1050£1275 – £1500
900 x 1200mm£600 – £900£975 – £1200£1800 – £2100
1200 x 1200mm£975 – £1350£1125 – £1500£2025 – £2250
Casement Window600 x 900mm£250 – £400£550 – £700£850 – £1,000
900 x 1200mm£400 – £600£650 – £800£1200 – £1400
1200 x 1200mm£650 – £900£750 – £1000£1350 – £1500

Installation Costs – What To Consider 

When you proceed with a window installation project, several factors will influence the overall cost of the project. These will include anything from the number of windows you need installed in your home, the types of windows you wish to install, as well as the location of the project. 

Location of the project

Some contractors will charge you more if your home is located in more remote areas. This is because they will have to spend more of their own money to ensure the project is completed properly. They will have to spend more on the likes of fuel, labour and possibly accommodation if the project site is particularly far away. 

The physical location of the window also influences the cost of the window installation. The cost will go up if you are installing windows on the second floor of the house. There is much more labour required to install windows above the first floor. Therefore, the higher up in a house the windows are installed, the more expensive the overall project costs will be. 

New installations vs restoration

Window installation costs will also vary according to whether or not the installation project is for new windows, replacement windows, or restoring older models of windows. If you are installing windows for the first time, the costs will likely be higher, given the fact that there is more work that will have to be done in the initial stages of the project. The sections where the windows need to go are already installed for replacing windows. 

This will also depend on the type of property the installation is taking place on. If you are restoring windows on an older property, several factors have to be considered, like the type of glass, materials and style, in order to maintain the style and the look of the original architecture. 


The type of glazing you choose to have in your window installation will also affect the price significantly. Double or triple-glazed windows are typically the more expensive options for windows, given the fact that they require more glass to manufacture. They will also end up being heavier and will therefore require more effort to install. 

You can, however, go for cheaper options to ensure that the glazing on your windows is sufficient for the cold UK weather. Alternative glazing options, like secondary glazing, come in adhesive and magnetic options. You can also install secondary glazing at any time, and it is an excellent alternative to double or triple glazing if you are on a budget. 

The below table shows the pricing differences for glazing options available on the market today. 

Glazing TechniqueType of GlazingBallpark Pricing Per m2
Secondary Glazing Magnetic or adhesive£125 – £170
Fixed£170 – £210
Removable £300 – £350
Sliding£375 – £460
Double Glazing Material and installation £150 – £300
Triple Glazing Material and installation £400 – £550

The price of the glazing options may also differ depending on whether or not you decide to include tinting in your windows, the cost of which is between £70 – £250 depending on the type of tinting you go for. Grey tinting is usually more expensive than bronze tinting.

Energy efficiency

There are also windows which are specially made to make your home more efficient. This is done in several ways, one of which is through glazing. However, there are also certain styles of windows that are more energy efficient than others. These are the likes of tilt and turn windows and composite windows

These window designs often tend to be slightly more expensive as they require more complex mechanisms to operate than standard casement windows. When you have these windows in place, it ensures that your return on investment is worth the initial amount you put in. 

The below table shows the price range for different-sized frames with a uPVC frame in a casement window style. The price also varies on the efficiency grade. We have given the prices for A-rated efficient windows. 

Frame size (mm)Efficiency RatingBallpark Pricing Per Window
500 x 500A£235 – £410
1000 x 500A£250 – £450
1200 x 1200A£325 – £625
500 x 500A with one opening £325 – £475
1000 x 1000A with one opening £425 – £675
1200 x 1200A with one opening £475 – £750

Rember that the cost of an energy-efficient window will also depend on the type of glass you decide to go for, the style of your windows and the size of your windows. Your contractor will be able to give you more accurate pricing upon request.

Size and weight

The overall cost of window installation as well as the individual units themselves is also influenced by the size and the weight of the windows. The bigger the dimensions of a window, the more material is required to manufacture them; therefore, the cost to make the windows goes up, as does their final sales price.     

The size and the weight of the window will also impact the labour costs of the window installation, given that bigger windows are more difficult to work with. They are also typically heavier and therefore require more manpower to install them at the site. Projects with large windows will also take longer, which may also impact the overall cost of the project.

Different Materials

There are different materials you choose to have your windows made out of. There are three main materials that window frames consist of, although custom frames are becoming increasingly popular with modern homes. The main materials that pricing is measured against are uPVC, aluminium, and timber

uPVC is very popular in new builds because they are highly durable and also great for energy efficiency. They are the more budget-friendly option for those who need to cut costs on certain projects. 

Timber frames usually tend to be the most expensive material for window frames, given that windows with this material are usually the most expensive to manufacture. In the long run, they are also the most expensive to maintain, given that they last the least amount of time. However, they are a popular solution for properties that want to retain a traditional aesthetic. One of the other reasons that timber is so popular is that it is easy to customise. All it requires is a lick of paint in a colour the homeowner wants, and they will have the look they are after. 

Aluminium is one of the more modern materials to use for windows. The material is highly durable and requires very little maintenance. It is also very strong and looks great on modern builds, and it is one of the more sustainable materials you can go for, as it can be melted down after use and recycled. 

The table below gives you a breakdown of the pricing differences you can expect when considering different frame materials. Here we have assumed each frame can accommodate double glazing, which is a standard in the UK. 

Frame Material (Casement Window)Frame Size (mm)Ballpark Price
uPVC600 x 900£250 – £350
900 x 1200£400 – £550
1200 x 1200£650 – £750
Timber600 x 900£850 – £950
900 x 1200£1200 – £1300
1200 x 1200£1350 – £1450
Aluminium600 x 900£550 – £600
900 x 1200£650 – £750
1200 x 1200£750 – £850

Do any other factors that influence the price?

Aside from sizing and style factors, other aspects have an influence on the pricing of windows. The cost usually goes up according to the popularity of the windows and the extent people want to customise their windows. Below is a list of other factors that will influence the price of the windows you choose to install in your home. 

Customising Your Windows

Most people want to know they can easily add customisations to their installed windows. If you choose to get windows that are different from standard shapes to suit your artistic design preferences, then this will end up costing you more. 

The colour of the frames will also have an impact on the cost if you want a colour different from the standard manufacturing ones. Timber is the easiest material to colour modify. However, when you choose to go with uPVC or Aluminium, the customisation costs increase substantially. 

This is because you will have to pay for a colour blasting to change the colour of these window frames, which is a costly exercise. The 

Warranty and Licensing 

Most window manufacturers and contractors will offer you a warranty, under which repairs and restorations will be given for free if there is any damage incurred within a specific time period. A warranty will also protect you from incurring additional costs if the contractors accidentally break a window during the installation. 

If some special licenses are required for the window installation on site, then there may be additional costs associated with this. A contractor may include the cost of getting a working at-height permit or another legal document that allows them to complete certain tasks. Some of these licenses may add costs to the overall project, which may fall onto the property owners. 

New Builds vs Window Restoration

Window installation costs in a new build can cost more than restorations depending on the nature of the project. Restoring old windows to look like their original designs can be a costly exercise as they often need special materials to maintain the same look. Depending on the original materials used for the window, restoration may be a more expensive undertaking. 

Buying a whole new set of windows for a new house is also expensive. However, with new technology and new designs, you can save a lot of money in the long run, although the initial upfront cost may be expensive. Newer windows will also help you to save money in terms of energy efficiency. Windows designed to enhance a home’s energy efficiency will save homeowners money on energy and heating bills. The likes of newer inventions like double and triple glazing will also help to save money in the long run. 

What should you consider when looking for a window fitting company? 

When you are in the market to choose a contractor for your window installation project, then there are certain characteristics of a contracting company you should look for before you make the decision to hire them. Keeping these characteristics in mind will ensure that the job gets done to the best possible standard and that the scope of the project is met, as well as your budget. When looking for a company to fit your windows, you should look for the following. 

Transparency when quoting. 

Before you make a final decision on the window fitting company you choose to install your windows, it’s probable that you will shop around and obtain quotes to ensure that you are getting the best price possible. A good contractor will be able to fully explain what they are quoting for, which makes it more likely that they have considered all the factors that affect the costs. 

A customer-centric approach

Good contractors will always keep your needs and budget at the forefront of the project from the beginning until the end. You can always identify a customer-centric window fitting company by their approach to you as the customer and how they go about mapping out the project plan. A good company should keep you included in all key decisions made about the window installation and run any ideas past you before implementing them in the project. Another key quality a good window fitting company should have is ease of access. If you have any questions or queries about the project at any given point, then you should know exactly who to contact with your question. 

Expertise in the window industry

A contractor’s expertise needs to extend beyond knowing what certain jobs and units cost. A good contractor will have good relationships with suppliers and manufacturers of windows and understand different styles. They will also be able to work with other contractors on the same site, such as plumbers and electricians, if they work in the same vicinity on a particular day. Contractors should also take your design and vision on board and be able to interpret your ideas through practical, in-budget solutions. They should also be able to provide you with accurate project timelines and costings throughout the installation project. 

Credentials and a good reputation

As someone hiring contractors for your window installation project then, you are more than entitled to ask them for references from previous jobs they may have completed. A decent window fitment company will also have testimonials on their website where you can review their reputation. Before you commit to working with a contractor, ask them about their experience with other window fitment projects. 

Make sure to use a reputable installer to avoid issues like this.

How to get the best deals?

Hiring a window fitment contractor means that they will allocate a certain price to services on top of the actual cost of the window units. Before you sign off on a quote, you should do your own research into how much the windows you have in mind will cost. You will also be able to get a good idea about the cost of certain window fitment services. 

Once you have conducted your own research, you can negotiate better prices with the contractor you wish to work with. There are also other areas in which you can cut costs for your window fitment. Using second-hand units instead of brand-new ones can help to keep costs down, provided that they are still in good condition. 

If there is an order for a particularly large window installation, then the contractor or manufacturer might also offer you discounts. If you have used the window fitment company before, they may also offer you loyalty discounts if they have this option in place. 

When you’re on a budget, and you need to find the best deals possible, then you can also ask your contractor for any advice they have for alternative windows and fitments. You should also look at the long-term cost savings of certain window models; this will help you to save money in other areas other than in the actual installation.   

For the best deals on your window installation, get in touch with our friendly team today to discuss your window fitment project. 


Can you install windows yourself?

There are certain window fitment tasks you can do yourself. However, when it comes to getting professional fitments done, you will end up saving money and administration further down the line. Getting a professional window fitment contractor will give you peace of mind for your once the installation is complete. It is also a lot safer for you to have a professional install your windows for you. 

What is a FENSA certificate?

A Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme (FENSA) certificate is a compliance document issued to window fitters assuring property owners that they are compliant. Before you hire a contractor, you should ensure that they are FENSA certified, as this will help[ to ensure that the job is done to the highest possible standard.

How long does it take to install windows?

A window installation timeline depends on the size of the project. The more windows there are to install, the longer the project will take. The project will also take a lot longer when there are more complex installations to complete. An installation for a two-bedroom house will take around a day, however, larger properties may take longer, with custom projects taking up to a week to complete. 

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