Imprinted Concrete Driveway Costs 2022

Right now, imprinted concrete is arguably the most affordable way to get a distinct and elegant driveway. Ask anyone in the driveway industry, and they will tell you that although other driveway materials may have more aesthetic value, elegance and durability, none offers as much value for money as pattern imprinted concrete, aka PIC.

Imprinted concrete driveways have all the benefits of a regular concrete driveway (durability, weed resistance and low maintenance), but don’t suffer from the same vulnerability – poor aesthetic value. And these patterns and colours that give imprinted concrete their unique look can come in as many styles as you can imagine.

So, if you are looking for a relatively cheap way to add significant kerb appeal to your home, look no further. Imprinted concrete driveways are the answer, and in this article, we will go through the costs.

How much does an imprinted concrete driveway cost?

An imprinted concrete driveway project can set you back by about £1400 to 5200 depending on the size of the driveway (mostly) and other factors that we will consider later.

To do this, we will divide the budget into labour costs and materials costs. So, if you want to install imprinted concrete for a driveway of small, average and large size respectively, it will cost:

Size (square metres): Material cost: Labour cost: Final Cost:
20 £600 £800 £1400
40 £1200 £1500 £2700
80 £2400 £2800 £5200

Now that you have an idea of the final cost, here is a further breakdown of the material costs.

Materials Cost:

Imprinted concrete: £70 to £80

Edgings: £900 to £1000

Weed membrane: £40 to £50

Sharp sand: £130 to £160

Hardcore: £30 to £50

So, there you have it. Use these figures as a starting point before approaching driveway installers. Note that the term “Installers” is capitalised, because it is important to approach more than one person before hiring. Then you can compare their rates, references, and anything else (that may be important to you) before choosing the person for the job.

On average, expect their rates (i.e. labour cost) to be between £100 and £250 per day.

The Imprinted concrete driveway costs calculator

The estimates above are only intended to give you ideas of what an imprinted concrete driveway costs. When you finally decide to install one, you will need to do a little calculating. Don’t worry. It’s not so difficult. All you have to do is measure the size of your driveway or the space where you want to install it.

You want the figures in square metres. Then using our online calculator or by yourself, you can calculate the quantity needed for each material. Add a little extra for wastage and labour cost, and you will have a pretty good idea of the imprinted concrete driveway costs.

Now, these calculations don’t include the cost of preparing the ground. You will have to deal with that separately. But expect to spend more money depending on the condition of the space. We will explore this fu