How Much Does A Replacement Conservatory Roof Cost?

How Much Does A Replacement Conservatory Roof Cost?

Written by  John Davies
Last updated: February 21, 2024

The average cost for a conservatory roof replacement is average price is between £2,200 – £11,000, with a polycarbonate roof replacement on the lower end and the tiled or solid roof on the higher margin.

Usually, a glass conservatory roof, especially the double glazed ones, are more expensive than a polycarbonate conservatory roof, considering they are more efficient and come with cleaning options. But they are cheap compared to the solid conservatory roof replacement because the solid conservatory roof requires more labour costs.

Below are the average prices listed for the different roof types:

A polycarbonate roof is between £3200 and £8500.

A glass roof is between £3500 and £9000.

A plastic roof is between £4,500 to £7,500.

A solid or tiled roof is between £7000 and £11500.

Conservatory Roof Replacement Cost by Material

Let’s take a deeper look at the three main roofing materials and how they affect conservatory roof replacement costs.

Polycarbonate Conservatory Replacement Roof Costs

Once again, polycarbonate is more affordable than the other two conservatory roofing materials. However, it also has more weaknesses. Mainly, it has relatively poorer heat insulation and noise reduction.

You can find ways to improve these two attributes, which will involve more expenses, thereby increasing conservatory roof replacement costs. Here is a table of polycarbonate replacement roof costs for lean-to, Edwardian and Victorian conservatories of 9 and 25 square metres.  

Roofing materialConservatory typeConservatory sizeConservatory replacement roof cost
PolycarbonateLean-to3m x 3m£2,200-£2,600
PolycarbonateLean-to5m x 5m£3,000-£3,600
PolycarbonateEdwardian3m x 3m£3,850-£4,400
PolycarbonateEdwardian5m x 5m£5,200-£5,700
PolycarbonateVictorian3m x 3m£3,400-£4,200
PolycarbonateVictorian5m x 5m£4,500-£5,500

Glass Conservatory Replacement Roof Costs

Glass is a more expensive conservatory roofing material compared to polycarbonate. However, it also has better thermal efficiency and noise reduction. In fact, glass is better in so many other ways. For example, natural light supply is higher and there are high-tech options like self-cleaning glass.

These features are why glass is the most common conservatory roofing material. Here is a table showing glass replacement roof costs for lean-to, Edwardian and Victorian conservatories of 9 and 25 square metres.

Roofing materialConservatory typeConservatory sizeConservatory replacement roof cost
GlassLean-to3m x 3m£2,500-£3,200
GlassLean-to5m x 5m£4,000-£4,600
GlassEdwardian3m x 3m£4,700-£5,500
GlassEdwardian5m x 5m£5,200-£6,000
GlassVictorian3m x 3m£4,600-£5,200
GlassVictorian5m x 5m£5,000-£5,700

Tile Conservatory Replacement Roof Costs

Conservatory roof replacement costs are highest when using tiles. However, there are many benefits, which is why many people are now choosing this material. Such benefits include good thermal efficiency, privacy, durability, and noise reduction. Tile also has a unique aesthetics and is low maintenance.

However, high conservatory roof replacement cost is not the only reason to think twice about roofing tiles. As a solid material that doesn’t allow light to pass through, tile roofing takes away some of that unique conservatory aesthetic. Condensation is also an issue.  

Finally, there could be complications when using a heavy material like tile to roof a conservatory. Tile is just much heavier than glass and polycarbonate. The issue is even more significant if the tile roof replaces a glass or polycarbonate roof. Therefore, the conservatory must meet building regulations.

Finally, upon installing a tile replacement roof, the conservatory no longer qualifies as a temporary structure. It becomes a permanent one that needs planning permission. The cost of passing planning permission and building regulations will further increase conservatory roof replacement costs.

Here is a table showing tile replacement roof costs for lean-to, Edwardian and Victorian conservatories of 9 and 25 square metres.

Roofing materialConservatory typeConservatory sizeConservatory replacement roof cost
Roof tilesLean-to3m x 3m£5,000-£6,200
Roof tilesLean-to5m x 5m£7,000-£8,200
Roof tilesEdwardian3m x 3m£8,000-£9,500
Roof tilesEdwardian5m x 5m£10,000-£11,000
Roof tilesVictorian3m x 3m£7,500-£8,200
G Roof tilesVictorian5m x 5m£9,500-£9,800

Factors Affecting the Cost of a Conservatory Roof Replacement

Here are the four factors that determine conservatory roof replacement costs.

Conservatory Roof Size

Size is easily among the top 3 factors that affect conservatory roof replacement costs. The bigger the roof, the more it will cost. Material costs will increase, and so will labour costs. Therefore, it’s only natural for the entire project’s cost to increase.

Conservatory Roof Material

This article has a section dedicated to how the choice of roofing material affects conservatory roof replacement costs. So, there is no need to write an epistle here. Let’s do comparisons instead. Polycarbonate is the cheapest conservatory roofing material. Glass is next in line, while tile is the most expensive.

These price differences aren’t just caused by the individual cost of the materials themselves. In the case of roofing tiles, the higher cost is also due to the complexity of using a heavy material like tile on a glazed building like a conservatory. Either way, your choice of roofing material will affect conservatory roof replacement costs.

Conservatory Style

There is also a dedicated section exploring how conservatory style affects conservatory roof replacement costs. So, let’s forgo another epistle in favour of price comparison. Here is the order of replacement roof costs according to conservatory style.

A lean-to conservatory’s replacement roof is the cheapest. Next are Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian, and finally, lantern and uniquely-shaped conservatories. A lean-to conservatory’s roof replacement costs the least because of design simplicity. Conversely, replacement roofs for uniquely-shaped and lantern conservatories caused the most because of design complexities. Examples of uniquely shaped conservatories are P-shaped and L-shaped ones.  

Your Location

Your location also affects conservatory roof replacement costs. It does this in three ways. Firstly, big cities and southern parts of the UK have higher living standards, so labour costs tend to be higher. Secondly, conservatory installers might want higher rates if they have issues accessing the site.

Finally, installers could also charge more money if they come from afar. All these three reasons allow location to affect conservatory roof replacement costs.

The Benefits of a Replacement Tiled Conservatory Roof

Here are the benefits to having a tiled or solid conservatory roof:

  •  A tiled or solid conservatory roof is very strong and durable, which means it has a long life span.
  • This roof blends in with the rest of the house and can be transformed into another room.
  • A tiled or solid conservatory roof serves as a good insulator to prevent overheating and over-freezing during the summer and winter.
  • The tiled or solid conservatory roof offers you more privacy, which is the most secure.
  • This roof type saves you a lot of energy bills as it is more thermally efficient than the others.

The Benefits of a Replacement Glass Conservatory Roof

If you want more natural light coming into your conservatory, you should go for a glass conservatory roof. Besides letting more natural light come into your conservatory to brighten your space, here are other benefits.

  • The glass conservatory roof is strong and durable.
  • This roof type is easy to clean and remove any debris.
  • The glass conservatory roof looks exquisite and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Using the double glazed panels can reduce your energy bills as they are thermally efficient.
  • Double-glazed panels can help reduce noise from raindrops or the blowing wind.

The Benefits of a Replacement Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof

A more affordable option for a roof replacement is the polycarbonate conservatory roof. Apart from it being budget-friendly, here are other benefits.

  •  It is strong and durable.
  •   It offers a low labour cost as the materials required are few and easy to install compared to other roof replacement types.
  •  This conservatory roof type is the best choice for a lean-to conservatory when on a budget.
glass roof conservatory

How to choose the right conservatory roof installer

When choosing a person to help install your conservatory roof, it is important you:

Ask for previous experience and reviews.

Ask the installer how long they have been working on conservatory roofs and research the online reviews from other clients based on similar jobs done.

Check if they are a member of trade bodies and accreditation schemes.

Be sure of the guarantees that come with their work by asking if they belong to any trade bodies or accreditation schemes. This will assure you of getting your money’s worth, and it will provide you with peace of mind.

An installer may belong to any of the different trade bodies and accreditation schemes. Belonging to these bodies means they have promised to uphold and protect the interest of customers as these bodies would ensure they follow through with certain rules in the industry.

Choose an installer you belong to either of the listed accreditation schemes:

  • Glass & Glazing Federation (GGF) – They maintain good safety and health standards when purchasing their services.
  • The Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme (FENSA) – They ensure the good energy efficacy of your conservatory.
  • Certification and Self-Assessment (CERTASS) – They ensure you get more value for your money
  • FairTrades / TrustMark accreditation

Compare quotes between installers.

Don’t be so quick to jump into the first roof replacement deal you come across, but you should have at least 3 price quotes from different installers to compare for the best deal.


Is a conservatory roof replacement worth the cost?

Replacing your conservatory roof is worth it because of the following reasons:

  • You save some energy bills, especially if you use an eco-friendly one.
  • You increase the value of your home.
  • You prevent any future roof damage that might cause you stress, especially if the existing roof has been there too long.
  • You make your conservatory look aesthetically pleasing and brand new.

Can I get the roof replacement done on finance?

Yes, you can get a roof replacement on finance, especially if you have good credit. Some roofing companies offer the opportunity to pay for your roof replacement over several months or even years. Some of these companies could give a discount when you do this or add interest, which means you may be charged more than the original price.

What is the best replacement roof for a conservatory?

You can’t conclusively say which replacement roof is best for a conservatory, and it all depends on what you need a roof replacement for and how much you have allocated to that replacement.

Based on your budget and preferences, you can say which of the roof types listed above is best for you.

Do I need Planning Permission For A Replacement Conservatory Roof?

If you are replacing with any roof type asides from the solid or tiled roof, you don’t need any planning permission for a replacement conservatory roof.

A solid or tiled roof replacement from a polycarbonate could be seen as a permanent change so you might require planning permission.

If you live in a Listed Building, you should seek advice from your council.

How long does a conservatory roof replacement take?

On average, for the small, simple reroofing of a lean-to conservatory, it could take just a day, but it could take about 3-5 days for a more complex reroofing. The extra days are due to the extra work that goes into the structural work, especially if you are replacing it with a solid roof.

If you are to consider the amount of time it takes before the roof arrives at your property, you should add an extra 3-5 weeks.

Is it possible to fix a leaking conservatory roof myself?

Yes, this is possible! But fixing a leaking conservatory roof is only a temporary solution. So it is highly recommended that you opt for a roof replacement whenever you notice a roof leak.

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