Double Glazing Costs In The UK: Full Breakdown (2024)

Written by  John Davies
Last updated: January 17, 2024

How Much Does Double Glazing Cost (UK)?

In the UK, double glazing costs an average of £425 to £700 per window. Obviously, this will vary depending on the window’s type and material.

Here are the average double glazing costs for three popular types of windows: white casement (£425), turn and tilt (£550) and sash (£700). Now, here are average double glazing costs for three common window materials: uPVC (£150-£1,500), wood (£220-£2,500) and aluminium (£200-£2,300).

Cost of Double Glazing Window Materials

Here is a table showing how much these three types of double glazing windows cost when using uPVC, wood and aluminium for the frame.

Window typeuPVCWoodAluminium
White casement£150-£750£200-£1,100£180-£900
Tilt and turn£180-£950£350-£1,350£240-£1,200

How Much Does It Cost to Double Glaze a House?

Here are some examples of double glazing costs for four different house sizes. Remember that these are just samples. Talk to a contractor if you want an exact estimate of how much it will cost to double glaze a house.

They will consider the total number of windows needed and some other factors when providing quotes. This table of double glazing costs should be a helpful starting point.

Type of houseNumber of windowsuPVCWoodAluminium

Double Glazing Average Costs: Comparing Upvc to Wood and Aluminium

Let’s compare uPVC, wood and aluminium double glazing windows. More importantly, let’s see how they compare pricewise.  

uPVC Double Glazing Costs

uPVC is a very popular material for double glazing, and it’s not just because of affordability. There are many other benefits, including customisability, durability, strength, thermal efficiency and ease of maintenance. Simply put, uPVC double glazing windows offer great value for money.

Window typeuPVC
White casement£150-£750
Tilt and turn£180-£950

Wood Double Glazing Costs

Wood is also a popular choice for framing double glazed windows. It has an unparalleled classy aesthetics that no other material can offer. It is also durable and customisable. Plus, it fits in better around a garden space. The only major issue is the relatively high double glazing cost and maintenance needs.

Window typeWood
White casement£200-£1,100
Tilt and turn£350-£1,350

Aluminium Double Glazing Costs

Aluminium is the strongest and most durable of these three widow materials. It is also easy to maintain and highly customisable. Plus, when the time comes for replacement, you can recycle aluminium window frames. 

Finally, aluminium has sleek contemporary aesthetics and relatively moderate double glazing costs. However, it has two major weaknesses: condensation and poor thermal efficiency.

Window typeAluminium
White casement£180-£900
Tilt and turn£240-£1,200

Double Glazing Cost Calculator


Cons of Double Glazing

Nothing is without risk, including the very useful double glazing. However, the disadvantages are not as many, and they vary from one person to another.

Less Ventilation

The whole point of having double glazed windows is to keep the heat inside, which is a good thing but has its disadvantages. These windows cause less ventilation since there are no spaces for heat to escape. Therefore, there is a lot of heat and moisture retention within the home that could lead to the growth of mould and mildew. This is a health risk for many people especially children which is why you should consider improving ventilation using trickle vents. They allow extra moisture and heat out of the house without being a liability.

Repairs are Difficult

If the window were to get a leak or break such that the argon gas between the layers escapes, there is no easy way of fixing it. The presence of gas is essential to ensuring that no warmth is lost and it is not possible to restore it without replacing the whole window. Once you start noticing condensation between the two panes, the entire point of having double glazed windows is lost. The only way to fix the window is to replace it with a new one.

Very Hot Summers

If your home is hot during the summer, you will have such a difficult time cooling down since the windows are designed to keep warmth in the house. This means that your home may be sweltering, which is why you should consider this when installing the windows. An easy solution is to have windows with a UV film that reduces how much of the sun rays are absorbed. Tilt and turn windows are also a great solution since they allow maximum air into the house.

It Can Be Costly

Double glazing, regardless of the type you choose, is not cheap. It is an investment that you may have to save up for, so it is vital to have that in mind when selecting them. Remember that repairs are also not cheap which adds to the overall cost.

Editors Note: Although it can be expensive, the reality is you cannot and should not put in anything worse than double anymore. Triple glazing is more expensive but is better for the overall warmth of the house.

Which is the Best Type of Double Glazing?

If you want to invest in double glazing, then it must be vital for you to get the best value for your money. This means choosing the best option for your style, colour, and price. However, there is no way to tell which the best option is since it all depends on what you want.

In case you are looking for the cheapest alternative, then UPVC windows are your best option. They don’t look nearly as good as timber does, but it is affordable for most people, easy to clean and maintain. It is prevalent not only for affordability, but it can be customised to whatever you want.

If safety is your main concern, then tilt and turn windows is the safest option available. They are not easily opened, especially for children, so it is easy to keep it locked and your children won’t get hurt or be able to escape through the window. It is also excellent for getting in as much air circulation as possible during the warmer months.

The average cost is calculated by comparing the type of house and the number of windows available. The average price for a small home with about eight windows is approximately £3,300. For a large house with more than 15 windows, the cost can go up to almost £12,000. The price is, of course, dependent on several factors such as distance from the source of materials and contractor.

Many of these windows have a grading which helps to tell you how well it does in energy efficiency. The goal is to get as close as possible to a grade A+ because that is the highest grade possible. In the UK, they don’t allow installation of windows that rank below-grade C. this is because they are not efficient; hence, they don’t help much. Higher energy efficiency guarantees you value for your money; therefore, you get to save more on energy bills.

Tips To Help You in Getting the Best Double Glazing

When buying, it is essential to know what you are getting into precisely so that you get the best deal and products. The following tips will help you to do exactly that.

Get as Much Information as Possible

It is crucial to get a good contractor that understands your needs, but before you do that, having the information you need in hand is best. Understand the various options available and what would work best for your home and budget. You can check for styles around your area and compare with what you have so you can get the best out of your installation.

Get a Quote

With the information that you have gathered, you should be able to get a full quote from several contractors. Be very specific about what your needs are, which is essential in getting a quote that is as close as possible to the real figure. Strive for quality over costs but remember that because it is expensive it is of quality. Ensure that you see the actual materials, so you know what you will get with the quote given.

Visit Some Showrooms

So that you can know that you are not being played, it is best to visit a showroom or store that stocks all the materials and windows. This gives you an excellent opportunity to compare by seeing what you may get with each option. If your contractor has a store or showroom that you can visit, the better for you since they have better control of the type of windows that they can install for you.

Ask Questions

Research as much as you can about double glazing and ask any questions you have as early as possible. This allows you not only to be more informed but also to have a better idea of what you could potentially get. Ensure to inquire about a warranty. Get details about how many years is covered and what repairs are included in the agreement. The warranty policies are usually not the same, so you should also compare that and get references.

Should You Fit Your Own Windows?

Double glazing is best done by a professional who understands everything involved and how to do it such that it is safe and works for its purpose. While doing it yourself will save some money, the efficiency may be compromised, which may lead to more costs. Pay attention to three main things when getting double glazed windows which are costs, the structure of your building and preferences. With this three, find out the best contractor; get information on installation and maintenance so you can be sure you get what you expect.

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