Triple Glazing Cost: Is It Worth Getting Triple Glazed Windows?

If you live in a freezing place or you want to maximise how much heat you retain in your home, then triple glazing is the way to go. Unlike double glazing that has two window panes; triple glazed windows have three glasses with two layers of argon gas. This means that it provides more insulation since it has more layers which means that heat from your home will not easily escape.

Triple Glazing Cost Calculator


With triple glazed windows, you are set to make even more savings since it hardly allows any warmth out. This is both a benefit and a disadvantage as will be explained later. If you want to have triple glazed windows, the frame you choose is critical. Not only does it affect the cost of installation but it dictates just how well the window insulation works. In this piece, you will get more information on what you should expect to pay, what affects that, benefits and disadvantages of triple glazed windows.

Double Glazing Or Triple Glazing

Both of these options are excellent at maintaining the temperatures in your home just the way you like it by preventing heat from escaping through the window. However, by the fact that one has three panes and the other only two is the reason why triple glazing is better. The three window panes and two layers of inert gas provide even more insulation, so very little heat is lost since most of it bounces on the surface and back into your home. The following is an explanation of how both types perform against one another.

Energy Efficiency

If you have never heard of the U-value, it is a way of measuring the thermal efficiency of a window. In a nutshell, you want your window to have the lowest possible U-value since it means that it is very efficient; hence it won’t lose a lot of heat. The U-value of double glazing is about 1.6 while that of triple glazing is nearly half of that due to the extra window pane and a layer of gas. It is also for the