Within Home was created to help everyday people get the most out of their homes. Too often we were hearing about people either getting ripped off, taken advantage of, or just no idea where to start when it comes to maintaining a home. 

Its not the sort of thing that gets taught at schools or generally growing up, so we teamed up and decided to create a website aimed at helping people who are unsure of where to start. Want to get some work done? Check out our guide specific to that trade, want to add value to your home? Check out out home value guide.


We are a group of individuals looking to help people with everything within their home, from home improvement to bills, to keeping your home tidy.

You can find out more about our editors below, but if you think you could add something, please get in touch.


Our only goal is to help you make better decisions on stuff that you’re unsure of.

Disclaimer: Sometimes we have partnerships with the products or services that we are talking about. We only recommend products or services that we would recommend regardless, however, the income from this is used to maintain the site, and pay the editors.


Harry Taylor - DIY & Organisation

Harry was brought on board to help with general DIY, what can you do, what shouldn’t you do.

Harry is also an organisation nut, so expect some guides on how to keep your flat tidy, to organising your tools in your garage.

John Davies - Home Improvement

John Davies has been renovating property for the last 22 years. Started out as an electrician and now manages his own portfolio along with advising other property investors.

John has inside knowledge of trades, what you can do to make it cheaper, and what can you do yourself?


Fiona Weidmann

Fiona Wiedmann is a Scottish-German writer and theatre-maker based in Berlin. Her written work spans from creative and playwriting, copywriting, to home improvement.

She has previously written for the Blinkist Magazine and other online locations, as well as having her theatre showcased in Stage2Page Edinburgh.



Do you think you can help us achieve our goal of helping people understand everything within their homes better?

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