How Much Does Conservatory Refurbishment Cost?

Written by  Harry Taylor
Last updated: September 7, 2023
conservatory refurbishment cost

Like every other structure or building, conservatories are not invincible. Over time, the glazing and frames show their age and signs of wear. When this happens to a conservatory, you can refurbish it to reverse those effects and renew its lifespan.

With all the new techs available, the refurbished conservatory will probably be better than what you originally installed. So, those are two good reasons to refurbish a conservatory- to renew its lifespan or modernise it.

Refurbishment is a cost-efficient way to achieve these effects, too. A complete conservatory replacement is much more expensive. It costs around £8,000 to £20,000, while conservatory refurbishment costs just £850 to £15,000. That’s enough to cover the entire process, including supply and labour. 

However, this is still a wide estimate. So, let’s talk about how much you need for specific conservatory refurbishment projects. Maybe we will even have time to discuss some money-saving tips or whether you should take on the project.

Average Costs of Conservatory Refurbishment

Conservatory Refurbishment TypeEstimated Total Cost
Conservatory windows and door replacement£4,000 – £8,000
Conservatory roof insulation£850 – £1,900
Conservatory roof replacement (glass roof)  £3,000 – £5,000
Conservatory roof replacement (solid roof)£5,000 – £7,000
Conservatory conversion£5,000 – £15,000

What Influences Conservatory Refurbishment Cost?

Here are the six factors that influence conservatory refurbishment costs.

Conservatory Size

A smaller conservatory will need less supplies, labour and time to refurbish. Therefore, conservatory refurbishment costs will be lower. Likewise, refurbishment costs will be higher for bigger conservatories.

Type of upgrades

As you can see from the table, all conservatory refurbishment projects are not equal. Some cost more than others, with the cheapest being roof insulation (£850 – £1,900). This is because conservatory roof insulation doesn’t make any significant physical changes. It just involves coating the glazing in thermal wadding to improve heat retention.

On the other hand, the most expensive type of conservatory refurbishment costs £5,000 – £15,000. Conservatory conversion is this expensive because it involves making significant physical changes. 

For example, let’s assume you want to refurbish your conservatory and convert it into an open-plan conservatory. This requires complicated engineering and might include other conservatory refurbishment types like roof, door and window replacement. It may even involve multiple professionals. So, at the end of the day, conservatory refurbishment costs will be much higher.

Material Costs

The cost of the individual supplies also influences conservatory refurbishment costs. For example, double glazing offers better insulation but is more expensive than polycarbonate. Likewise, wood and aluminium have better aesthetics and durability than uPVC. However, they also cost more.

Even your choice of conservatory doors and flooring affects conservatory refurbishment cost. So does the quantity of solid building materials used. That’s why conservatories with solid roofs and dwarf walls are more expensive. 

Conservatory Type

Lean-to conservatories are much simpler in design. Therefore, both installation and refurbishment cost is relatively low. On the other hand, the cost of refurbishing an Edwardian, Victorian, gable-end or uniquely shaped conservatory will be higher. In simple terms, the type of conservatory influences conservatory refurbishment costs.

Additional Services

Every project has tasks that fit into this category. For conservatory refurbishment, examples include the removal of conservatory contents for safekeeping, expert surveys and consultation and permit applications for complex conservatory refurbishment projects. All of these affect conservatory refurbishment costs.

Your Location

Location is the final factor that influences conservatory refurbishment costs. Expect to pay more in southern parts of the UK and places with a higher standard of living.

conservatory refurbishment

4 Ways to Save Money on Your Conservatory Refurbishment

Despite the obvious benefits, there is no denying that conservatory refurbishment is a significant financial investment. So, here are some ways to save money. 

Do Some of the Work Yourself

Some tasks in this project don’t require professional skills and gear. An example is the removal and return of the conservatory content. It’s one of the additional services discussed earlier. However, it is also a task you can do yourself.

Don’t Choose the Most Expensive Materials and Features

High-quality materials are good, but “value return for money” will start to diminish at some point. Take glazing as an example. Upgrading from single to double glazing will give you so much value for money. Upgrading from double to triple glazing won’t be as dramatic.

Consider Conservatory Replacement

This tip is also about getting the most value for your money. Generally, conservatory refurbishment costs less than a complete replacement. However, some refurbishment projects are so expensive and complex that getting a new conservatory is better, cost-efficient, or cheaper.

Listen to the Recommendations of the Professionals

Let your conservatory company recommend the most suitable upgrades. This is still about getting the most value for your money and not necessarily reducing conservatory refurbishment costs.

DIY VS Professional Conservatory Refurbishment

The DIY approach is cheaper. However, it’s only a good option for people with enough experience and time. Conservatory refurbishment is more complex than it seems. In fact, in some cases, it’s more complicated than a fresh installation. So, it’s better to hire a professional.


Conservatory refurbishment costs about £850 to £15,000 depending on conservatory size and type, refurbishment types, material costs, additional services and your location. However, regardless of the cost, this is a great way to renew the lifespan of your conservatory, fix its issues and improve functionality and performance.

There are ways to cut costs and we have already discussed them. However, there is one more option. Rates and quality of service will vary from one conservatory installer to another. So, you can get better deals by comparing quotes. We can help with this. That’s our job. We help people contact and get quotes from multiple qualified professionals in their areas.


Do You Need Planning Permission To Refurbish A Conservatory?

No. You only need planning permission if the project significantly changes the conservatory’s structure. An example of this is when you want to extend a conservatory.

How Often Do You Need to Refurbish Your Conservatory?

This is a tricky question because a conservatory needs refurbishment if it’s damaged, outdated or old. Therefore, there is no definite timeline. However, every 20 years is a good idea, depending on the maintenance and durability of the building materials.

Is It Better to Refurbish or Replace Your Conservatory?

It depends on the condition of the conservatory. Sometimes, refurbishment is good enough. Other times, a replacement is the only option. So, let an expert inspect your conservatory and recommend a course of action. If you later settle on a complete replacement, you can make some money by recycling the building materials of the old conservatory.

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