How To Modernise A Conservatory: 7 Essential Tips 

Written by  Harry Taylor
Last updated: October 26, 2023

Even if the conservatory is among the most beloved features of your house, its appearance may mean that it is in need of repair. The advancement of conservatory modernisation in recent years suggests that it may be time for an update!

Many property owners lack the vision to see an outdated conservatory through transformation into a useful and aesthetically pleasing addition to their home. That’s why we’ll tell how to modernise a conservatory like a pro!

If you want to make use of your conservatory throughout the year, here are seven of our top recommendations for modernising it:

The Top 7 Ways to Modernise a Conservatory

1. Make it Open-Plan

To be free from building restrictions; your conservatory modernisation plan must technically be located outside the primary thermal envelope of your property. The space may stand alone, but it would be easy to integrate it into the rest of your house for a more open layout.

As part of the all-inclusive project management service, experts can assist you in getting the permits you need to do things like knock down walls that prevent passage or replace heavy doors with more pedestrian ones.

2. Bring the Outdoors Indoors

A conservatory can be a wonderful spot to relax and appreciate your garden when it’s too chilly to spend time outside.

Of course, the views are only worthwhile if they are clear and well-kept. There won’t be much of a Zen vibe if the yard is overgrown and the windows are filthy.

You may modernise a conservatory to make your home feel more spacious by installing bifold doors, which fold neatly to one side to reveal your garden. The aforementioned effect may also be achieved with French doors, which are ideal for smaller spaces but still let plenty of light into your conservatory.

Experiment with combining trailing plants on upper shelves with towering, leafy plants in containers on the floor. Also trendy right now, hanging plant pots, which can serve as both a functional container and a decorative focal point, can be an ideal option for conservatory modernisation.

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3. Replace the Roof

Changing out a conservatory’s roof is one of the cheapest ways to revive a once-loved space. There is a wide variety of conservatory modernisation roof options that can improve the comfort and efficiency of your conservatory, such as:

  • Argon gas-filled tempered glass provides superior thermal performance, energy efficiency, and noise reduction.
  • If you want a more energy-efficient polycarbonate roof, consider installing thicker panes.
  • Roof vents with temperature control will open and close mechanically to maintain a steady temperature in your conservatory.
  • Conservatory roofs with self-cleaning glass require less frequent cleaning and maintenance, saving both time and money.
  • Roof glazing with ultraviolet (UV) protection.
  • Colour options; you now have more leeway than ever before in selecting a roof colour and style that works with the rest of your home’s aesthetic.

4. Laminate Your Floor

Laminate flooring appears to have been popular when it comes to; how to modernise a conservatory. Its timeless good looks and tough, low-upkeep finish have ensured its enduring popularity. Putting in high-quality laminate flooring will give your conservatory a sleek, Scandinavian aesthetic.

After all, that’s all you need to modernise a conservatory!

5. Modernise Your Lighting

If there is only one light source in your conservatory, does it have a sterile and unwelcoming atmosphere after dark? To create the atmosphere you want, put your creative skills to use and experiment with different kinds of bulbs, spotlights, and coloured lighting.

The way a room is lit has a significant impact on its ambience. If you want to use your conservatory primarily as a place to unwind, soft, warm lighting from the ceiling is preferable to harsh overhead lighting. Consider bulbs and other light sources that can be adjusted in brightness instead.

6. Change the Colour Scheme to White

Almost any home in the UK would look good painted a crisp, neutral white. Since white is such a good light reflector, it will make your conservatory seem larger and brighter. It may also serve to highlight the hues of your conservatory’s furnishings.

Furniture in darker tones can provide a bold contrast, while lighter ones, such as whites and creams, will only add to the airiness of the area.

If your conservatory’s walls are white, a fresh coat of paint may do wonders for the room’s ambience and give it a much-needed facelift in terms of conservatory modernisation.

Darker interior paint colours will drastically restrict the amount of natural light entering your conservatory. Alternatively, if you want to modernise a conservatory, paint it in light colours like white or cream. As a result, the space will be brighter and more comfortable all year round.

Paint colours for conservatory modernisation should coordinate with the furnishings and window coverings. In a light-coloured conservatory design, dark paint will assist create an evening atmosphere if the blinds and furniture are also dark.

7. Replace the Old Framing

If the windows are in good working order, but you want a visual update, swapping out the frames is a simple method to modernise a conservatory.

It’s possible that your conservatory’s rundown appearance is why you’re considering its future. Even though uPVC frames last for many years without deteriorating, they can start to seem dingy and old after around ten years.

You can try cleaning the frames with a gentle sponge and some warm, soapy water, but if the frames have been destroyed over the years, you may want to consider purchasing new ones. The current iteration of uPVC is far superior to its predecessor in terms of both durability and thermal efficiency.

What about using a different material instead? While hardwood conservatory frames will ensure that your structure retains its classic appeal, aluminium frames will give it a more contemporary feel in terms of conservatory modernisation.

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