How Much Does Velux Window Installation Cost?

Written by  John Davies
Last updated: January 17, 2024

Skylights improve a room’s natural lighting, ventilation and aesthetics. They are costly but worthy investments, especially if you choose a brand like Velux. Velux windows are robust, stylish and highly customisable. They have been one of the UK’s most popular and reliable skylights for years.

So, let’s talk about how much they cost. Here is a quick rundown. Velux window installation costs £900 to £2,700, depending on the size and specification of the window. Any amount within this price range should be enough to pay for supply and a professional installer.

Of course, there will be outliers, but that estimate is an excellent place to start. Keep reading to learn more because we intend to cover all the basics of Velux window installation costs.

How Much Do Velux Windows Cost?

Velux window sizeVelux window installation costsVelux window repair cost
Small window (16” x 24”)£900-£1,100£600-£900
Large window (24” x 72”)£1,300-£2,700£1,100-£1,300

Additional Costs of Velux Window Installation

Like most home improvement projects, Velux window installation has additional costs and miscellaneous expenses. We didn’t include them in our original estimates for Velux window installation costs. Here are those additional costs.

Additional tasks of Velux window installationCost
Flashing kit£100-£170
Scaffolding hire£150-£400
Solar conversion kit£150-£300
Roller shutter£300-£500
Roofing felt£70-£100
Telescopic pole£10-£35
Flashing tiles60p-£1 per tile
Vapour barriers£50-£55 per 37.5 square metres
Waste disposal£50-£200

Factors That Affect Velux Window Installation Costs

Here are the five main factors that affect Velux window installation costs.

Window Size

Velux windows come in a wide range of sizes. So you won’t have trouble finding a window of any size. Just expect Velux window installation costs to increase with window size. Simply put, a bigger window will cost more.

Besides, large skylights aren’t always the right choice. Sure, they offer better ventilation and natural lighting, but also present a weight problem. The weight could put too much pressure on the roof. Therefore, sometimes, it’s better to use multiple small windows instead of a single large one.

The improved weight distribution improves structural integrity. However, this doesn’t necessarily reduce Velux window installation costs. It might actually increase it.

Window Type

When people say “types of Velux windows,” they often mean classification based on mode of operation. This classification method has two main types of Velux windows: centre pivot and top hung. We will explain them and discuss their advantages and disadvantages later. For now, let’s focus on how this affects Velux window installation costs.

Centre pivot windows are cheaper. So, expect lower Velux window installation costs when choosing them.  


Velux windows are highly customisable. You have multiple options for every element, including mode of operation, framing, control mode, glazing and flashing. We have already talked about the two main modes of operation (centre pivot and top hung). Let’s use control mode to explore how sophistication affects Velux window installation costs.

Velux windows have three types of control modes: manual, electric and solar-powered. A manually operated Velux window is cheaper than the other two. A solar-powered Velux window is the most expensive. However, it also has a lower running cost compared to an electric window. So, when choosing between these three, consider other factors besides installation cost.

Additional Prep Work

Additional prep work will also increase Velux window installation costs. For example, maybe your installer has to overcome accessibility issues, repair the roof or get planning permissions. Any of these will increase Velux window installation costs.

Your Location

Location will also affect Velux window installation costs. South UK and big cities have higher standards of living. So, goods and services almost always cost more. Therefore, compared to the northern and rural areas, Velux window installation costs will be higher in the South UK and big cities.

Types of Velux Windows

Velux windows are highly customisable. So, there are several dozen types of Velux windows on the market. There is no point in going through all of them. Let’s do something else instead. Let’s look at the options under the six main elements that make up a Velux window. These elements included the mode of operation, frame, glazing, flashing and control mode.

Mode of Operation

This category has two types of Velux windows: centre pivot and top hung. Centre-pivot velux windows are attached to the frame through a pivot at the centre. They are cheaper, easier to install and more popular.

Top-hung Velux windows are attached to the frame through hinges at the top. They are more expensive but also have a wider angle of opening. Therefore, top-hung Velux windows offer more ventilation and natural lighting. They can also serve as emergency exits.


We can also classify Velux windows according to their designs (aka build). Options include single, 2-in-1, or 3-in-1, dome, sun tunnel, pitched-roof, or flat-roof windows.  


Options include wood, white polyurethane, grey or coloured aluminium, titanium zinc and copper. Apart from the building material, there are also lots of finishing options. Just remember that these choices affect Velux window installation costs.

Control Mode

Velux windows have three types of control modes: manual, electric and solar-powered.  You have to open and close the manual window physically. The electric and solar-powered versions are motorised. So, you can control them with a remote or switch.


Glazing options include single, double or triple glazing. You can also have noise reduction, tinting and low E coating.


It ensures the edges near the roof are well-sealed since they can lead to heat loss and may affect how long the skylight lasts. Flashing is a requirement for exterior openings. The options available included EDW tile flashing, EDP plain tile, EDL slate flashing, EDJ recessed tile flashing, and EDN recessed slate flashing.

Benefits of Velux Windows 

What are the Benefits of Velux Skylight? LV

Velux windows instantly improve the aesthetics of a room, no matter how small it is. There is more than you can gain from installing one as follows.

Increase the Value of Your Home

It is impossible to miss a skylight since it stands out in any room and makes it instantly better. Real estate agents sometimes advise homeowners to consider installing one in a home they intend on selling. It impacts the buyer, so you can easily ask for more.

Makes the Home Brighter

Rather than install a regular window in a room that is a bit dark, it’s better to have a skylight. Even a small one will give you at least 30% more light. This makes the room brighter and more beautiful, whether it is a small abandoned room or even a bedroom. It completely changes the outlook of everything.

Improves Energy Efficiency

Dark rooms force you to have your lights on even during the day, which can quickly escalate your bills depending on how many rooms there are. However, a Velux window helps to bring so much natural light from a small window to a large one so you can conserve power. Insulating your skylight is also very important since it reduces heat loss, which means your home will be warmer and your bills will be smaller.

If you don’t mind going the extra mile, you can have solar blinds that provide more power for your home and even reduce your heating and electricity bills further. But honestly, this isn’t usually cost-effective, just a nice idea!

Better Ventilation

Most homes have those rooms where the ventilation is quite poor, so it gets hardly any fresh air despite having windows. The room instantly gets in fresh air due to the wind blowing from above that aerates the room.

Making Rooms Look Bigger

Lots of natural light is one secret of making a small space appear bigger than it is. Many people have mirrors to reflect the existing light, but a Velux skylight completely solves this problem. The best thing about these windows is that size doesn’t matter if you choose the correct type.

Reduced Growth of Mildew

Dark rooms, even in a well-lit and aerated house, are common growth places for mildew and mould. These are very dangerous as they could cause respiratory issues and other health problems even if you only go in the room once in a while. A skylight ensures it will get plenty of light and air, which helps discourage buildup. The presence of sunlight is known to be a microbial killer.

Cons of Velux Windows LV

There is so much that you can gain from deciding to install a skylight. However, there are a few not-so-pleasing things that you should also consider.

It Is Expensive

The aesthetic appeal of the skylight is something to get excited about, apart from the fact that it’s quite costly. Installing a regular window would cost almost a third of what a Velux window does, and it may more or less solve your problem. In case it breaks or malfunctions, getting repairs is also not cheap, especially if you need to make a complete swap.

Abundance of Counterfeits

Unfortunately, due to the demand for Velux skylights, there are so many fake ones, and you may not know until later when issues arise. This is why it is important to purchase either directly from the manufacturer or get a reputable and certified installer to help you.

Heat Loss

Many skylights are usually poorly installed, especially if you DIY or hire an unqualified person to fix it. A badly installed window will often cause heat loss through the spaces between the frame and the roof.

DIY vs. Expert Installation of Velux Windows

Due to the high cost of the skylight, many people that love to DIY often end up preferring to take on the challenge and save some money. This is perfectly fine, but you need an idea of what is required of you. It is a considerable risk to install a Velux window yourself since there is a lot of details that you must get right. However, if you’re ‘handy’ this is something you can do yourself.


Velux window installation costs £900-£2,700. Repairs, on the other hand, cost just £600-£1,300. Remember that these ultimately depend on window size, type and sophistication. So, Velux window installation costs aren’t set in stone. However, you should be able to get good rates if you use the information we just discussed.


Do You Need Planning Permission for Velux Windows?

No, you don’t need planning permissions for Velux windows. However, the rules might be different in your area. So, it’s better to confirm with the authorities before moving ahead with the project.

How Long Does It Take To Install a Velux Window?

It takes one to 3 hours to install a Velux window. Some installations may not even take up to one hour.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Velux Window?

It costs £300 to remove a Velux window. Please note that this is just labour cost alone. The £300 doesn’t cover the waste disposal or a replacement skylight. 

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