Central Heating Installation Costs: Full Guide On What To Expect

radiator on wall

If you just bought a home with an old heating system or you need to update it then your central heating is probably the first job on the list, if it isn’t, it should be!

It isn’t too complicated once you get your head around it, also you can get a rough idea on what to expect just based off the rooms you have. There will be a few things that will change that price up or down, but we’ll get into that.

If you are looking to change or replace the whole system, it isn’t too cheap. Buying a new boiler (by far the most expensive part), radiator, pipes as well as accounting for labour will cost you, so you need to have a good chunk of money saved.

Tip: With everything, you should be getting multiple quotes whenever you consider a big project.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a New Central Heating System?

It depends on the type of system you want to install, you will probably install a combi boiler system, but sometimes these aren’t the best option. Although in most cases they are the best.

Below I’m going to cover the different types of systems you can have installed, the pros, cons and a rough price estimate.

Combi Boiler Heating System

The most popular method.

Currently, combi boilers are the most popular since they are more efficient than many of the other options and are more affordable. If you choose a combi system, then you should expect to pay between £2,200 and £5,000, depending on a few things. Such as the spec of boiler you go for, or if you need the plumber to make good of the walls etc.

One thing that you should remember is that water may take some time to heat if you don’t have the tank. You will also experience less pressure if more than one tap is opened, but in most households, this really isn’t an issue. Unless you want to run 2 baths, and a shower whilst washing dishes at the same time, which if you are, then maybe it is, but I doubt it!

Relatively straight forward to install (although you cannot and should never try this yourself, always a certified gas engineer), most jobs are completed within 1 week of starting.


Type of House Number of Radiators Total Cost
2-bed house 6 £3,000
3-bed house 9 £3,750
4-bed house 10 £4,300
5-bed house 12 £5,000

System Boilers

The system option is by far the most expensive out of the three options that you have for your new installation since it is a bit more complicated. There are two types of system boilers, namely vented low pressure and the unvented high-pressure systems.

The vented low pressure is the cheaper and faster option