The Best Glass For A Conservatory Roof

Written by  John Davies
Last updated: July 28, 2023

Many people in the UK still fantasise about one day adding a beautiful conservatory roof glass to their property. According to recent data, about seventy per cent of British homeowners intend to make some sort of improvement to their dwelling this year. Around seventeen per cent of people are still planning a more extensive makeover by way of structural alterations like an addition.

If you’re in the market for a new or replacement conservatory roof glass, the glass you settle on will have a significant impact on your future comfort and much more. Glass conservatory roofs, being the original material for such structures, are still widely used today.

To that aim, this article will help you determine the ideal glass for your conservatory roof so that you can build the glass room of your dreams.

The Benefits of a Glass Conservatory Roof

The conservatory roof glass is a necessary component for the installation’s structural integrity. It is one of the top structures that increases the return on investment. Some of the main motivations to install glass in your conservatory’s roof are:

Thermal Efficiency

Even though conservatories are typically thought of as summertime space, it would be a waste only to use them for part of the year. Since glass is heat-retaining, the conservatory will remain comfortable to use even in the coldest months of the year.

The glass used in modern conservatories is made to be safe for wildlife and plants. They insulate the space, keeping in heat when it’s needed and keeping out excess energy that would otherwise be squandered. With this quality, you can spend more time in your conservatory while spending less money on heating and cooling it.

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Noise Reduction

No one wants to relax in a noisy conservatory, so the glass is a terrific choice for that reason alone. The amount of outside noise that can be heard within a  conservatory roof glass is much lessened in comparison to a polycarbonate roof, especially when it’s raining cats and dogs.

You can use your conservatory as a year-round refuge from the stresses of everyday life. Rain on a polycarbonate-enclosed conservatory roof is a surefire way to demonstrate that the material is not ideal for blocking out noise. Because of its superior acoustic insulation, glass is a highly effective solution.

Natural Light

The conservatory is meant to be the lightest space in the house, giving the impression of being outside even when within. With a glass top, your conservatory will be bathed in abundant natural light.

Conservatory roof glass is the best option whenever unobstructed. Panoramic views are a priority. However, your new tiled roof can benefit from carefully placed glass panels, giving you the best of both worlds.

More Peace And Quiet

Glass conservatory roofs tend to be quieter during downpours than polycarbonate ones. As an added bonus, the soundproofing insulation in double-glazed glass roofs allows you to take in garden vistas. Even if you are located near a busy road or want to continue a party a bit later in the evening without worrying about disturbing your neighbours.

Conservatory roof glass installation

The Best Types Of Glass For A Conservatory Roof

Using the list below, you can compare the various varieties of conservatory roof glass and their respective advantages to determine which one is most suited for your home.

Thermally Efficient

The thermally efficient glass is the best option for keeping warm air inside your home during the colder months. The panels can be double-glazed and coated to cut down on glare.

Energy-efficient glass is a good choice if lowering your energy bill and helping the planet is high on your priority list. The conservatory roof glass is an eco-friendly design that considerably reduces the heat lost through a conservatory’s roof.


While the summer is the ideal time to take advantage of your conservatory, long stretches of intense sunlight can make it uncomfortable to lounge around in. A significant amount of sunlight can be blocked from entering the conservatory by installing tinted windows.

Clear Self-Cleaning

Conservatory roof cleaning is difficult in the best of circumstances, but with self-cleaning glass, it’s a breeze. Because of a special coating that breaks down grime in the presence of sunshine, they may be kept spotless.

The roof and windows of a conservatory would benefit greatly from this design. A unique coating keeps them looking clean for longer by repelling dirt. After all, what can be easier than that?

In contrast to blue self-cleaning solar control glass, this choice has no solar control properties, which is a drawback. Therefore, your conservatory may grow too hot in the summertime to be comfortable.

Blue Self-Cleaning

Some conservatories, especially those on the south or west side of your home, can get quite warm in the summertime. This can happen due to direct sunlight. Self-cleaning blue solar control glass can keep your home cool and comfortable.

Solar control glass that is blue and self-cleaning helps keep your conservatory at the ideal temperature all year round. This glass helps to keep you warm in the winter and prevents it from getting too hot in the summer.

Smart blue solar control glass that uses rain and sunlight to dissolve debris and clean itself is available, so you can relax in the warmth of your conservatory while taking in the scenery outside.

How Much Does A Glass Conservatory Roof Cost?

The cost of a new conservatory roof glass will vary with the dimensions of your existing structure and the material you choose. Average lean-to-conservatory costs begin at around £2,500. For a more substantial Edwardian-style conservatory, plan on spending roughly £5,500. Depending on the size of your conservatory, prices might range from £2,250 to £7,000.

How Long Does a Glass Conservatory Roof Last?

A conservatory with a glass roof is a long-term investment that could pay dividends for up to two decades after it is installed. If you want your conservatory to last for as long as possible, you should keep it clean and pay close attention to the installer’s care instructions.

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