Your Ultimate Guide to Cleaning a Conservatory Roof

Written by  Harry Taylor
Last updated: November 16, 2023
cleaning a conservatory roof

Roofs are usually the least cared-for parts of a conservatory. The reason is simple. The maintenance and cleaning of a conservatory roof involves working at height. Therefore, it can be stressful, time-consuming and even dangerous. As a result, most people’s ideas of regular conservatory maintenance rarely include roof cleaning.

Of course, you could hire someone, like a professional, to do the job for you. However, in this guide, we will outline what cleaning a conservatory roof involves and requires, so you have all the tools you need to do it yourself.

The Supplies You Need to Clean Conservatory Roof

  • Warm soapy water or cleaning product: This guide will use warm soapy water. So, if you want to use a cleaning product, ensure it is compatible with your conservatory. This will depend on the type of glass and framing involved. The wrong cleaning product can damage the coating and sealing on your conservatory roof. 
  • A Telescopic brush: You can also use a squeegee or regular brush attached to a telescopic pole. Any of these will provide extra reach to clean hard-to-reach areas with relative comfort.  
  • A drying shammy or microfibre cloth: You need this to wipe the framework. Any soft abrasive can also do the job.
  • A bucket: This will hold the cleaning solution, in this case, the warm soapy water. However, if cleaning a large surface area, using a hose would make things easier.
  • A Ladder: Conservatory ladders are better suited for this task. They have a lean that makes it easier that will help your reach. However, you can also use a regular ladder.  
  • A Pressure washer: You will need this to remove stubborn stains and buildups. Don’t use the regular pressure washer. They are too strong. So, they can damage the conservatory roof, just like the wrong cleaning product could. You must watch out for these two and seek professional advice before choosing them.

How do you clean a glass roof?

When tackling the task of cleaning a glass roof, opt for an overcast day to ensure a slower drying process and avoid streaks. Safety is paramount, so equip yourself with a stable ladder or scaffolding, adhering strictly to safety guidelines. Begin the cleaning process by softly sweeping away any loose debris with a gentle broom sweep.

For the washing solution, a soft sponge or mop dipped in a mix of lukewarm water with a splash of mild detergent or a diluted white vinegar solution (10:1 ratio with water), is ideal. It’s crucial to eschew any abrasive tools to prevent scratching the glass.

After sponging, gently rinse the surface with a low-pressure hose to avoid any potential damage to the roofing seals. Eliminate excess water using a squeegee, swiping from the top down to ensure a streak-free finish. For any remaining droplets, a clean microfiber cloth is perfect.

How do you clean a polycarbonate roof?

Cleaning a polycarbonate roof requires gentle care. Select a cloudy day for the task to avoid streaks from quick drying. Safety first: use a stable ladder and follow safety guidelines. Begin by brushing off loose debris with a soft-bristled brush.

Mix warm water with a mild soap (10:1 ratio) for your cleaning solution. Avoid using abrasive materials or ammonia-based cleaners to prevent scratches. Apply the solution with a soft sponge or mop.

Rinse the roof gently with a low-pressure spray of water, avoiding high-pressure hoses that could damage the seals. For drying and avoiding streaks, use a window wiper or squeegee, moving from top to bottom. Finish by patting down any remaining moisture with a microfiber cloth.

How do you clean a self-cleaning glass roof?

Maintaining a self-cleaning glass roof is generally simpler due to its special coating that breaks down dirt, which is then washed away by rain. However, occasional manual cleaning might still be needed. Choose a cloudy day to prevent streaks caused by fast drying.

Safety is critical, so secure a stable ladder and follow all safety protocols. Start by gently removing any debris with a soft broom.

Since self-cleaning glass is sensitive, avoid any harsh chemicals. A soft sponge or mop moistened with lukewarm water is usually sufficient. If necessary, a mild detergent or diluted white vinegar solution (10:1 water to vinegar) can be used sparingly. Refrain from using abrasive tools, which can damage the coating.

Rinse lightly with a low-pressure hose, taking care not to disrupt the seals. Remove any remaining water with a squeegee, working from top to bottom. A microfiber cloth can address any leftover drops without leaving lint.

How do you clean a uPVC conservatory roof?

When cleaning an uPVC conservatory roof, it’s best to choose a day with overcast skies to prevent the cleaner from evaporating too quickly and leaving streaks. Prioritise your safety by securing a stable ladder and following safety guidelines.

Commence by gently brushing off loose debris with a soft broom. For the cleaning solution, mix lukewarm water with a bit of mild detergent or use a diluted white vinegar solution (10:1 water to vinegar ratio). It’s essential to use a soft sponge or mop to avoid scratching the uPVC material.

After wiping the roof with your cleaning solution, rinse it off with a gentle spray from a low-pressure hose to protect the roofing seals. Then, use a squeegee, moving top-down, to remove excess water and prevent streaks. If there are any leftover water spots, lightly dab with a clean microfiber cloth to absorb them.

How do you clean a glass roof?

Our Step-By-Step Guide For Cleaning The Inside Of A Conservatory Roof

It’s not just enough to clean the conservatory roof’s exterior. You also need to clean the interior. In fact, this might be a good time to clean the entire conservatory in general. Everything you need is already in place. To clean the rest of the exterior, use the steps you used to clean the conservatory roof. As for instructions on how to clean a conservatory roof’s interior, follow these steps. 

Step 1: Prepare The Space

The first thing you need to do is remove or cover the furniture to protect them. Then, you should remove the blinds to clean them. If the blinds aren’t removable, you will have to clean them in place. Do the usual clean and wipe procedure.

Step 2: Prepare Your Cleaning Solution And Gear

Prepare the cleaning solution as you did for cleaning the conservatory roof. Then get a spray bottle, microfibre cloth and a bucket of rinsing water.

Step 3: Clean

Once the supplies are ready, fill the spray bottle with a cleaning solution, apply it to the glass panels and frames, and wipe. Once again, it’s the usual clean-and-wipe procedure. Remember to change the rinsing water when it gets dirty.

Step 4: Allow To Dry

Now you have a clean conservatory roof.

How to Be Safe While Cleaning a Conservatory Roof

As stated in the introduction, conservatory roof cleaning can be dangerous. Any job that involves working at height and dealing with glass is dangerous. So, here are some safety tips to protect you, your conservatory and anyone involved in the project.

Don’t Climb The Conservatory Roof Itself

Remember that this is a glazed roof. Plus, conservatory roofs aren’t designed to hold weight. So, never climb on the top of a conservatory. That’s why you need the telescopic brush and a ladder. In fact, don’t just get any type of ladder. Get a dedicated conservatory ladder.

Make Sure Your Ladder Is Secure And Stable

The first step to ensuring this is by getting a good sturdy ladder. Then you must set it properly and ensure a stable base before climbing. You can also have someone hold the ladder for you. This person can also help in other ways. So, consider having someone around when cleaning a conservatory roof.

Consider Hiring Someone Else To Do The Job

It’s better and safer to outsource the job if you can’t get the right gear or aren’t comfortable with heights. Don’t worry if you don’t know much about hiring someone to clean conservatory roofs. We will tell you the basics.  

Why Cleaning Your Conservatory Roof is Important

Let’s discuss why you must clean your conservatory roof.

Conservatory Roof Cleaning Increases The Lifespan Of The Conservatory

Roof cleaning is an essential part of conservatory maintenance. It stops dirt, grime, debris and algae from accumulating on the conservatory roof and clogging gutters. These elements can, directly and indirectly, lead to structural damage. Therefore, by combating them, conservatory roof cleaning increases the lifespan of the conservatory.

Conservatory Roof Cleaning Improves Aesthetic Appeal

Dust, dirt, algae and all those other unwanted elements also affect the aesthetic appeal of a conservatory. Remember that this is a glass structure. So, the effect is unsightly and very easy to notice.  Conservatory roof cleaning reverses this effect, thereby improving aesthetic appeal.

Conservatory Roof Cleaning Boost Energy Efficiency

As stated earlier, the buildup of those unwanted elements can cause structural damage. This, in turn, causes insulation problems. Therefore, energy consumption will increase. It also doesn’t help that the buildup blocks sunlight and makes it difficult to detect leaks.

Professional Conservatory Roof Cleaning

When you don’t have the time, skillset or gear to clean a conservatory roof yourself, it’s better to hire a professional. You should be able to find a professional conservatory roof cleansing service for around £3 to £7 per glass panel. However, it all depends on the size and condition of the conservatory roof.

Tips For Maintaining And Taking Better Care Of A Conservatory Roof

Proper maintenance is crucial to a conservatory’s health, aesthetics, energy efficiency and overall functionality. So, we can’t end this article without leaving you with some maintenance tips.

Clean Your Conservatory Regularly

The longer you delay, the more time dirt, mould, algae, stain, and grime get to accumulate and cause damage. Clean-ups are also easier when the buildup is still minimal. So, clean your conservatory regularly. Regular maintenance plays a big role.

Don’t Use Harsh Cleaning Materials On Your Conservatory

This includes harsh cleaning products and brushes alike. Even the force at which you scrub is important. Any of these can damage the coating and seals.

Clean The Gutters Too

You don’t want debris to accumulate and clog them up. This will only lead to leaks and other problems. 


So, there you have it. Now, you know how to clean a conservatory roof yourself without prior DIY experience. Remember that your supply and technique are key. The wrong cleaning product, equipment and technique could damage your conservatory roof. So, follow our recommendations or speak to an expert before cleaning a conservatory roof yourself. 

Lastly, If you’re interested in constructing a Conservatory, take a look at our in-depth guide on How Much Does A Conservatory Cost for insights on expenses and cost calculation.


How Often Should I Clean a Conservatory Roof?

Clean your conservatory roof at least twice a year. This, alongside regular maintenance, will keep your conservatory healthy and visually appealing. 

Does Self-Cleaning Glass Conservatory Roof Still Need Cleaning?

Yes, self-cleaning glass conservatories also need cleaning. All conservatories need cleaning and proper maintenance. However, because self-cleaning glass can clean itself, it is extremely low-maintenance compared to the others.

When Is The Best Time To Clean A Conservatory Roof?

The best time to clean the conservatory roof is cool weather. In hot weather, the cleaning solution and water dry off too quickly. Therefore, you could end up with water marks and streaks on the glazing. Plus, working in hot weather is uncomfortable.

How Do I Clean Stubborn Stains And Algae Patches On A Conservatory Roof?

Use warm soapy water. Pressure washers and dedicated algae cleaners should be the last resort. They could damage the glazed roof. So, even when you do use them, ask for recommendations and be gentle. 

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