10 Conservatory Furniture Ideas You’ll Love

Written by  Harry Taylor
Last updated: August 18, 2023
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Furniture choice is crucial to the character of any conservatory. It determines the aesthetics and functionality of that space. It also says a lot about the taste of the owner.

So, what aesthetics do you want for your conservatory? Is it minimalistic, modern, contemporary, Scandinavian, rustic or traditional? What do you want to use your conservatory for? Do you want it to be a home office, gym, playroom, dining area or casual hangout space for family and friends?

Whatever your preference may be, it’s a guarantee that the 10 different conservatory furniture ideas that this article provides will be a perfect fit for your home.

Wicker Wonder

Wicker is the go-to conservatory furniture idea for many people. Therefore, you are probably already familiar with it. Wicker furniture is perfect for conservatories. It is light, airy, stylish and low-maintenance. You can also create exciting aesthetics by combining wicker furniture with wood and soft, brightly-coloured cushions or seat pads.

Then, there is durability and eco-friendliness. Good conservatory furniture must be able to withstand exposure to sunlight. Wicker does that well. So you won’t have to worry that your conservatory furniture will fade anytime soon.

As for eco-friendliness, that’s just another benefit that comes with conservatory furniture ideas of this nature. Wicker is made from renewable materials like reed, bamboo, willow and synthetic fibre. So, by choosing wicker furniture, you are taking the eco-friendly route.

Wicker conservatory furniture

Minimalist Metal

Metal is another conventional conservatory furniture idea. In fact, metal and wicker tend to be at the top of many people’s lists when it comes to furniture ideas for outdoor spaces. It’s the same old matter of aesthetics, durability and maintenance needs.

Both metal and wicker furniture come in stylish and visually-striking designs. For example, with metal, you can get sleek black minimalistic chairs or sled base chairs with beautiful seat pads. These are just a few of the many design options available. Whatever the design of the furniture, you can try the clean, minimalistic approach or add soft, colourful accessories to brighten the space. 

Regarding durability, metal furniture is in a league of its own when it comes to the ability to withstand sun exposure. So, once again, fading won’t be a problem. As for maintenance, most times, just wiping the furniture is all you need to do. 

Extra Living Room

The key to perfecting this conservatory furniture idea is to furnish the same way you would an actual living room. That means buying a comfortable sofa(s), a coffee table, side tables, cushions, rugs, throw pillows, blinds and decorations. You can also continue the theme or style of your main living room and house. It will make the conservatory feel like part of the main house.

However, the primary objective is to choose furniture and anything else that can turn that conservatory into a living room. Lighting, insulation and heating are in the “anything else” category. Regardless of your choice of conservatory furniture idea, don’t forget heating and lighting. You need them to enjoy your conservatory at any time of the day or season of the year.

Exquisite Dining

Another option is to turn your conservatory into a dining space. Think about the idea of leisurely meals in a room that offers the benefits of both indoor and outdoor dining. Of course, you will need a dining table and chairs to execute this conservatory furniture idea. Add table linen, centrepieces, drink coasters, placemats, cookie jars or fruit bowls too.

To make the most of the space, position the dining table in the middle of the conservatory. The table will command more attention this way and leave enough space for chairs on all sides. However, pushing the table to a corner is a good idea too. It leaves more room for other furniture and features.

Low-Seating Furniture

If you have been looking for the perfect small conservatory furniture idea, this could be it. Low-seating furniture is more compact and lower to the ground. Therefore, it takes up less space and makes your conservatory look bigger.

It also doesn’t obstruct views, a common problem with normal-sized furniture. Finally, low-seating furniture comes in a variety of stylish, sleek and comfy designs. So, you won’t have to make any concessions regarding aesthetics and comfort.

You can add some tall furniture and accessories to break up the pattern and add visual interest. Such accessories include tall plants, show pieces, standing lamps and standing shutters.  

Low-Seating Furniture in conservatory

Corner Sofa

Here is the second of the three small conservatory furniture ideas on this list. A corner sofa is a great way to optimise space and create an intimate seating area. It is also stylish, sleek and modern. Therefore, it’s not just perfect for small conservatories. It could be perfect for any conservatory.

You can fill the rest of the space with accessories like coffee tables, side tables, side stools, shelves and more. You may even have enough room to turn another corner of the conservatory into an office space or dining area.

Corner Sofa in conservatory

Built-in Seating

Here is the final small conservatory furniture idea on this list. Like the other two, this idea also optimises space. In fact, this idea does it better than the others. Built-in seating is bespoke. Therefore, installers can build it to optimise space as much as possible. They can also build storage space into the seats, further optimising space and fixing a common problem with many conservatories. 

Here is the best part – you won’t have to sacrifice aesthetic value and comfort to get all these. Built-in seats can be as comfortable as any other type of seat. They will even be more comfy when you add seat pads (or cushions) and throw pillows.

Built-in Seating in conservatory

Highly-Stylised Conservatory Furniture

A conservatory is ideal for stylish and fancy furniture you are afraid to try in a normal living space. It could be your opportunity to be chic and crazy. For instance, you could forfeit traditional sofas and try cocoon chairs, hanging chairs, bucket chairs, egg chairs and hammocks instead. Then add some seat pads, throw pillows, blankets and cushions to improve comfort and tie everything together. If you want to experiment, this is the conservatory furniture idea for you.

Highly-Stylised Conservatory Furniture

Monochromatic Conservatory Furniture

A monochromatic colour scheme tells people that you put a lot of planning and care into furnishing a space, conservatory or otherwise. The impact is even more powerful if the frames of the conservatory also conform to the colour scheme.

However, even without that, you can still enjoy this conservatory furniture idea. As a matter of fact, the existence of another colour can be a good thing. It draws the eye and prevents everything from looking too clinical and boring. Consider using accessories to this effect.

Consider choosing a bright colour when attempting this conservatory furniture idea or any design idea with a monochromatic colour scheme. Bright colours reflect light, create the illusion of space and brighten moods.

Monochromatic Conservatory Furniture

Contrasting Conservatory Furniture

Juxtaposition is a very powerful thing. It is also a very modern conservatory furniture idea. More importantly, it is the basis of this conservatory furniture idea. Try juxtaposing traditional furniture with contemporary ones, art deco with Scandinavian, chic with formal and wicker with wood.

You can even try mismatching furniture. This conservatory furniture idea is about experimentation. So, experiment, even if that means working with upcycled furniture.

Contrasting Conservatory Furniture

Tips to Choose the Right Conservatory Furniture

Whenever you are shopping or looking for ideas for conservatory furniture, these 6 tips will be of help.

Choose a theme

Professional interior designers and artists do this. Themes help choose furniture and accessories that complement and have harmony with each other. So, choose a theme before you start shopping for garden furniture ideas. Examples include coastal, rustic, minimalist or Mediterranean themes.

Consider the size of your conservatory

You don’t want your conservatory to feel crowded. You also don’t want it to feel bare and empty.  Therefore, consider the amount of space available when choosing furniture. For smaller conservatories, you can try one of the small conservatory furniture ideas we discussed. You can also try multipurpose and collapsible furniture.

Choose durable furniture

Conservatories get a lot of sunlight. Therefore, choose furniture that can take the stress. That’s why wicker, rattan and metal conservatory furniture ideas are popular. You can also add blinds, shade or shutters for protection.

Choose low-maintenance

This will make life easier for you. It’s one of the other reasons for the popularity of wicker, rattan and metal conservatory furniture. They rarely need more than the occasional wiping and oiling.

Don’t forget to buy accessories too

Don’t buy furniture alone. Buy accessories too. They add aesthetic value and also serve functional roles. For example, shutters provide privacy and protection from sun exposure. So, after getting your sofas and tables, don’t forget to get accessories too. Examples include rugs, throw pillows, curtains, centrepieces, plants etc.

Make plans for storage

Conservatories need storage space too. Your options include drawers, shelves, wicker baskets or concealed storage options like the one we discussed earlier.


The secret to choosing furniture for a conservatory is to have a clear understanding of what you want. If you want that conservatory to serve as a dining area, you must choose dining furniture. Likewise, you must choose office furniture if you want it to serve as an office.

Apart from this, there are no rules. So, you can try any conservatory furniture idea that speaks to you. However, when making your decisions, don’t forget that the conditions inside a conservatory differ from that of a regular indoor space. So, choose furniture that can survive in those conditions. If you’re curious about the cost of building a conservatory, you can explore our article How Much Does A Conservatory Cost to gain more insights.

Above all, don’t just stop at furniture. Give your conservatory everything it needs to become a fully functional indoor space. 

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