How Much Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Cost?

How Much Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Cost?

Written by  Harry Taylor
Last updated: July 5, 2023

Most people typically sort their carpet’s out themselves, if they get a stain, they clean it. But what if you can’t get the stain out, or perhaps you’re moving in or out and want to get the carpets cleaned professionally, how much does it cost?

In this article I’m going to cover the costs expected, so you can make a decision if it is worth it for you or not.

If you just want to see the costs, use the calculator below to get a good estimate on what you’d expect to cost. It is worth noting this is just an estimate, it doesn’t take into account how large your rooms are, it is just an average.

Carpet Cleaning Cost Calculator


What Considerations Affect Carpet Cleaning Prices?

While there is an average cost for carpet cleaning, as will be explained later on, there are some factors that may increase the charge. Some of these are issues that you can manage while others are out of your hands, and the best you can do is get an affordable company.

Type of Cleaning

There are various ways you can have your carpet cleaned professionally, and each of them has a different cost. You may opt for a specific method due to the type of carpet that you have or how dirty it is. The following are some of the standard options provided by expert rug cleaners.

  • Hot water extraction. This is an excellent way of cleaning carpets, no matter how dirty they are within no time at all. It is the second most common way that is used by professional cleaners, and it is one of the best methods for heavily soiled rugs. Hot water and cleaning agent is injected into the carpet then it is drawn out using a powerful vacuum. The pressure from the water separates the dirt; then, it is all sucked out into a different tank
  • Steam cleaning. A special machine is used to blow pressurized steam into the carpet, which then agitates the dirt particles. The moisture is then sucked out just as in the hot water method. However, this method is not the best for filthy carpet as the steam is not enough to remove stubborn stains.
  • Dry cleaning. This method doesn’t use water, so if you are concerned about moulds forming in your carpet, then it should be your go-to. Some cleaning chemicals are pushed into the carpet after light vacuuming to remove visible particles. The agent sucks up the dirt; then, it is all vacuumed out of the rug, leaving it clean. It is a good solution when you need faster drying time, and the carpet is not too dirty. It is suitable for carpets that may lose colour or shrink. Many people confuse this with hot water extraction, but in this method, there is no use of hot water. A carpet cleaner is spread on to the rug then a brush is used to work it in and agitate the dirt even more. The agent, as well as dirt, is drawn using a vacuum cleaner, leaving it clean and relatively dry. Unfortunately, this method requires more time for the carpet to dry, so it is not recommended for high pile rugs. Some shampoo may also remain in the carpet, which may be harmful to babies and pets.

I personally recommend the hot water extraction, it is what you’re most likely going to get if you go with a professional carpet cleaning service.

Type of Stains

Some stains will be more difficult to remove compared to others. This is why it is advisable to try and remove any stain while it’s still fresh since once it sets in, it becomes more difficult to clean. You can get a removal vacuum or even some warm water and soap to clean up wine, coffee, or even mud on your carpet. You should also watch out for pet accidents since they not only leave a nasty stain but smell as well, which can be challenging to remove. Also, dogs and cats tend to go toilet where they smell a toilet, so chances are f they have gone toilet in one spot, they will again unless you get rid of the smell.

Candle wax and any other substances that stick could attract an extra cost from your cleaners.

Size of Room/House

The general cleaning rates do not take into account the size of the house being cleaned, especially if it is wall to wall carpeting. However, significant sizes are not the only thing that should worry you. A small house, or if you need only one room in the home to be cleaned, can also be an issue. The cleaners usually have a minimum charge for any work, so even if you have a bedroom to clean, you may end up paying the least amount allowed.


If you are planning on getting your carpet cleaned, you may want to take the time to remove the furniture in the rooms being cleaned. Many companies view furniture removal as an extra service. They may base this per room or on how much furniture requires moving around. This is one of the reasons why people don’t get all the carpets in their homes done in one day. If you need to remove furniture, it may not be practical to do this for every room. This is because there will be nowhere to put it.

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost

It depends on the company that you hire for the job, which is why you should make a comparison for the quotes that you get. This will ensure that you can stick to your budget and get the best available service at that budget. The following table shows you how much you should expect to pay for different rooms.

Type of Room (Average)Cost
Front room£35

Expect to pay between £125 and £300 for a full house depending on the size.The different methods of cleaning also influence the cost, so choose wisely. It is always a good idea to use one way of cleaning for all the carpets, regardless of how stained they are. This is because using different equipment may add an extra charge, especially if the company has to hire it.

Should You Hire Equipment for DIY?

Many people realise that the reason you may not achieve professional results when cleaning the carpets yourself is the equipment. This is why some companies have the option of renting out their equipment to individuals. It is both a good and bad choice depending on how much input you’re willing to invest in the process.

One of the pros is that it is cheaper to hire just the equipment without the personnel for labour. You can have this for between £15 and £25 per day. This is approximately the cost of getting one room cleaned professionally. For some people, the price is enough to make a difference, so hiring is a better option.

Another advantage is that when cleaning, you have control over the type of chemicals used. You can choose environmentally friendly options that ensure even if there is some residue, it is safe.

There are also some downsides to DIY carpet cleaning as follows:

  • Faulty equipment. Many companies offer machines that are not up to standard; hence they are slow, and you may have a difficult time using it. They may also breakdown and make you liable for the repair costs.
  • Difficulty operating. If you are new to DIY carpet cleaning, it may not be straightforward how to use the equipment, so you end up wasting too much time, I’ll include a how-to video at the end of this article.
  • Hard work. Cleaning, especially when you’re alone, can be quite a difficult task when you’re not used to it.
  • Cost of cleaning agents. When paying for professional services, the price of the shampoo and chemicals is factored in the total cost. In the case of hiring, you have to buy your own.

While it may seem like an affordable option, DIY cleaning using hired equipment is not always worth it. The cost of machine hire, purchase of chemicals and the fact that you have to do everything yourself, makes it expensive.

Pros of Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners

It is Fast

Professional cleaners are used to using the equipment, and they know how to achieve excellent results within a short time. It can take less than five hours to have your whole house cleaned if you have no furniture, but this also depends on the type of cleaning. In general, they spend less time than if you were to do it yourself.


Considering that you only pay £20 for a small to average size room, it is easy to see how the service is cheap. That is the same price you would pay for hiring the equipment, not counting how much you use on chemicals. Most people get professional carpet cleaning done once every few months unless you maintain your carpet in the meantime it probably isn’t needed.

Thorough Cleaning

Hiring professional cleaners that know how to achieve the best results depending on the method you use. The machines and their choice of products make the job easier, so you are satisfied with the results.

No Damage to Fabric

Not all cleaning methods work for all types of carpets. Some materials are prone to shrinkage, loss of colour, as well as damage depending on how you choose to clean. The professionals understand this, so they will advise on the best method depending on the kind of rug you have. They also know how to do it safely; hence there is no harm caused to the material.


Professional cleaners and the equipment are insured, so in case of anything, you will not be liable. This ensures that you can seek the services without worrying about any damage that may occur while in your home.

Often people overestimate how much it costs for professional carpet cleaning, it can be quite affordable and people like us do it every single day, so naturally, we’re going to get better results.

Gary Webber, Advantex

Cons of Using Professional Carpet Cleaners

Unfortunately, there are a few disadvantages that you should have in mind when hiring professional carpet cleaners such as:

Harmful Chemicals

If you opt for dry carpet cleaning, it involves the use of chemicals to draw out the dirt, and you have no control over the type of agents that they use. This can leave your carpet with debris that may be harmful to you, especially if you have allergies and may be dangerous to pets

Minimum Charge

You cannot get cleaning for only one small room at the regular rate since most companies have the least amount they expect. This is usually more than double what you would have used regularly, so the cost may be unreasonable to incur.


You should get professional carpet cleaning at least twice a year, depending on how busy your home is. This not only ensures the durability of your carpet but makes it safer for you and your family. For people with allergies, it is best to get this service since you are sure that all the dust mites and particles are removed. The cost is affordable when you think of the convenience it offers you and that it is not an everyday service. Contact a few of your local cleaning experts for a quote and choose the one with the best value.

Check out this oddly therapeutic video of a professional doing it:

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