Polytunnel Vs Greenhouses

Polytunnel versus Greenhouses

You are looking to expand your gardening expertise and up-level your space to grow even more crops throughout the year. When choosing what structure, you need to extend your window for gardening, you have a choice between a polytunnel and a greenhouse. Both options will allow you to increase the variety of planting you opt for, but there may be more reason to choose one over the other when you get into the details. 

Here we explore which is the right choice for you: polytunnel or greenhouse.

What is a greenhouse?


A greenhouse is probably the most well-known of the two garden structures. It is a house-shaped structure framed in metal, usually aluminium, and glazed throughout – usually with glass. The greenhouse gives planting shelter, and the glass intensifies the sun’s heat, offering you a longer growing season.

What is a polytunnel?

A polytunnel is constructed from galvanised steel hoops and covered with clear or diffused plastic. Inside the polytunnel is a microclimate that can offer higher temperatures and humidity that your fruit and vegetables enjoy, and you can protect sensitive plants from inclement weather, such as frost.


While we are all comforted by the strength and longevity of a greenhouse, polytunnels provide a much better value for money. The materials needed to construct your polytunnel are cheaper and readily available, saving you money while servi