What is Sugar Soap and How to Use It

sugar soap

Don’t be put off by the name; sugar soap is an excellent cleaner for removing insisting grimy and greasy build-up stains anywhere in your home. It does not leave a residue after cleaning. That is the primary advantage sugar soap has over comparable products. 

While a very popular product in the United Kingdom, it can be more challenging to obtain in other parts of the world. 

What is Sugar Soap?

If you think they make sugar soap from that sweet stuff you put in tea, you are wrong. The name is misleading. The name is derived from the powdered variation of sugar soap, which looks quite a bit like the sweetening product. However, it also comes in a liquid form. 

Keep in mind that nowadays, some beauty products label themselves as sugar soap. They are a completely different product and not useful for residential cleaning. 

The main ingredients present in any sugar soap product are sodium carbonate, sodium phosphate, and sodium silicate. However, every brand has its recipe and may add other elements into the mix. 

When & Where Should You Use It?

Sugar soap has several potential uses. It is one of the best-recommended methods for cleaning water or oil painted walls or wallpaper. 

It is also a valuable substitute for a general cleaner. It is a less harmful alternative than many other powerful cleaners. 

Both the powdered variety and liquid variety will get the job done. However, the powder version is less expensive. Therefore, we recommend it for more extensive cleaning jobs. The price of the liquid version will add up. 

Some people report that sugar soap is their preferred cleaner for patio furniture. It is also an excellent cleaner for the garage, as it is instrumental in cutting through grease.