How To Lay Block Paving

Whether you are looking to build a driveway or a path on your property, block paving has some notable advantages. It will provide you with an attractive finish, which combines the traditional with a sleek and clean look. Adding to that, they are easy to maintain and not as expensive as they used to be.

We all want our homes to have ‘kerb appeal.’ Most people agree that a good paved driveway or path helps establish that elusive appeal and drive up the property value accordingly.

One of the secrets to an attractive and solid block paving job is edging kerbs. Aside from their aesthetic advantages, they will also secure your path and prevent the blocks from falling away prematurely.

Is Laying Block Paving a DIY Job?

Laying a block driveway is not suitable as your first foray into home improvement. However, if you have a reasonable amount of experience and are good at planning things out, you should be able to do the job yourself. Just make sure to follow the steps carefully and have things planned before you start. After all, it is far easier to do things right the first time than fix mistakes later on.

What Do I Need to Lay Block Paving?

You will need a considerable number of tools and materials to do this job right. Laying block paving is a reasonably complicated job, and you should not start work until you are sure you have all the materials necessary. Let’s have a look at the list of required items:


  • A broom and a rake
  • A laundry string line and pegs
  • A long piece of timber
  • A mallet
  • Some screed rails
  • A shovel
  • A spirit level
  • A tape measure
  • A wheelbarrow

These are all things you probably have at home. If you don’t, they are all useful to have. However, laying pavement is usually a professional-grade job. Therefore, it requires some equipmen