How to Drain a Central Heating System


There have been many innovations in home heating and water heating systems. However, most homes still use a good old-fashioned boiler to provide both. These systems work by circulating hot water or steam throughout the house via a system of pipes and radiators.

To make the most of this system and prevent unnecessary problems, you will find it necessary to drain the central heating system on occasion to solve problems such as removing sludge and repairing a leak. You will also need to perform this process to change the radiator.

Is Draining a Central Heating System a DIY Job?

Yes. It is a reasonably easy job to execute your own with little risk to the heating system or your property. However, if something goes wrong, do not think twice and call a professional plumber immediately. Do not try to reverse the damage yourself. Instead, focus on containing any leaks or secondary damage.

What Do I Need to Drain My Central Heating System?

It is a relatively simple job that does not require too many tools:

  • A hosepipe
  • A bleed key
  • A pair of grips
  • An adjustable spanner
  • A jubilee clip
  • Rags or towels
  • <