How To Clean Decking

Why Do Decks Need Cleaning?

While your well-kept, well-trimmed garden sets the first impression for your visitors, your decking really shows off your lifestyle. Whether you keep this area fancy and decorated with ornaments, or you like it bare with minimum furniture, every decking needs a lot of work, or at least some regular maintenance.

At first glance, your decking may not look like it’s damaged in any way, but over time, deck maintenance becomes a necessity. So, when you get to deck cleaning and maintenance, make sure you clean it using proper methods, ingredients, and timings. Here’s what you need to know about how you ought to treat your decking with a major deck spa!

How Does a Decking Get Dirty?

When you build a new decking, it is properly cleaned, sealed, and polished. However, just like all other outer furniture, here’s what your decking might be exposed to:


Whether you water your garden or rains do the job for you, either way, it can be harmful to your decking. As the sealing cracks and dries out, the water quickly seeps into the base.

This not only ruins the floor of your decking but also weakens the base. If you’ve ever felt like your decking is swollen in some places, it’s because water has destabilized its base.

Mould and Mildew

Since your decking is in a garden, the mould naturally grows around the decking