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How To Change A uPVC Door Lock

Written by  John Davies
Last updated: July 12, 2023

Sometimes it is important to change the lock on uPVC door, but it may look like a complicated job. The good news is; it’s easier if you have the necessary equipment and know-how. 

The uPVC door locks are a good example of a simple locking mechanism that provides enough security. You might need to change locks on uPVC door if you’ve lost your spare key, just relocated to a new place, or for several other reasons.

Here’s what you need to do!

Basic Tool Requirement

All you need to have is:

  • A screwdriver or drill 
  • Only spare five minutes 

That’s all required to swap out the central gears in your uPVC mechanism.

Step # 1 Measure the Old Lock

Two reference points are used to measure uPVC locks. First, we locate the centre of the square spindle. This is present above the top of the door’s round keyhole. It is basically the connection point where you can see the handle of your door. The experts call it ” PZ measurement”.

A second point of reference is the distance between the keyhole’s round centre and the lock plate’s outer edge (this is the plating you can see on the inside edging of your door). We call it Backset measurement.

Measure from the highest spindle hole in locks with two. A common example can be where a backset is 35 millimetres and the PZ is 92. Locking cylinder length depends on door width.

Now, from one keyhole to the next, measure the cylinder’s length horizontally across the door’s width 

Step # 2 Remove the Old uPVC Door Lock

In the next step, you’ll need to take off the old lock. To begin, unscrew the handle from its mounting. For further safety, composite door knobs are installed on the interior of the door and are held in place with two screws. 

For decorative purposes, the screws may be concealed by caps, making their location difficult to determine. Remove the top and bottom screws that are securing your handle to the door. You will need a  Phillips-head screwdriver to perform this task.

Step # 3 Replace it with a New uPVC Door Lock

Follow these steps to change locks on uPVC door with a new door lock:

  • Remove the old lock cylinder, then insert the key from the old cylinder into the new one. You need to place a key into the new lock cylinder to lock it in place.
  • You need to rotate the key in the new cylinder until the lock cam is parallel to the cylinder body. To properly reinstall the cam into the cylinder, the cam must be flat against the cylinder body. 
  • Replace the cylinder by pushing it all completely into the socket where the old one sat. 
  • Turn the key slightly to align the lock cam with the socket. Don’t remove the key from the lock.

Now you have the new locking mechanism in!

Step # 4 Put the Screw Back in

Here is what you need to do:

  • Put the screw back in its original location to secure the retaining nut. 
  • Turn the screw counterclockwise with a screwdriver and replace it.
  • For a thorough check, try spinning the key to the right and left several times.
  • Now, gently tug on the key in each direction to see if the lock opens and closes. This checks the integrity of the lock cylinder.
  • Lastly, put the retaining screw back into position before removing the key from the lock.
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