How Much Value Does A New Kitchen Add To Your Home?

Written by  Fiona Weidmann
Last updated: October 26, 2023

They lie at the heart of each and every home. The kitchen is much more than just a functional space to cook in: it operates as an essential socialising and living space in many houses too. It’s true that not much can improve a home more than a pleasant kitchen can. This article is going to explore in-depth all things kitchen renovations. Whether looking to sell or simply make improvements, here you can dive into what it means to take on a kitchen overhaul. 

Does A New Kitchen Add Value?

A new kitchen undoubtedly adds value to a home.  When viewing a house, people are naturally drawn to the kitchen. The majority of house-hunters are looking for a kitchen with the perfect mix of functionality, design and effective use of space. According to multiple sources, renovating a kitchen can add anywhere between 3-10% value on a house. There are, however, several careful considerations to make before taking a sledgehammer to your old cabinets. 

Planning is key. As you will read in the following sections which cover expenses, it’s firstly very important to determine whether renovating your kitchen will actually be worth it cost-wise. You’ll need to think about setting out a time-frame for actually getting the work done, and maybe consider hiring someone trustworthy to do the work. You’ll need to assess the space available to you itself, and think whether it will be completely torn out and rearranged, or if some slight tweaks will do the job fine. A kitchen renovation is not something to go lightly and half-heartedly into. If you are looking to add value, however, the investment could be worthwhile. 

Kitchen Value Increase Calculator:

Put the value of your home in the calculator below, to check how much you could increase the value of your home with a new kitchen. That way you can make an educated decision if it is “worth” it.

Enter in the value of your home

Tip: Not sure how much your home is currently worth? Check out Zoopla to get a rough estimate.

How Much Does It Typically Cost?

When doing up a kitchen, budgeting is a crucial part of the process. There are many more cost factors to consider than simply going out and purchasing the kitchen itself. There are equally many options to choose from, and prices can range vastly; from budget flat pack kitchens to bespoke designs. It’s also important to take into account if you are just replacing the kitchen itself, or if your renovation includes getting new appliances, re-lighting and repainting too. 

On average a new kitchen will cost anything between around £4,500 to £15,000 plus. A good tip for budgeting is to prioritise the most important features you wish to change and picking these accordingly within your parameters. The overall price of the revamp will depend on several things including the state the kitchen is currently in, the length of the project and the cost of labour if needed.  

Will Renovating Your Kitchen Add Value To Your Home? Is It Cost-Effective?

It is essential to thoroughly calculate the cost-effectiveness before deciding to renovate to sell. This will be determined by the overall value of your home. The price of your kitchen refurb should fundamentally match the price range of your house. You need to be sure that you will recoup the price of the renovation in the sale. 

To put this more clearly, for example, spending excess thousands on a refurbishment of a home worth £100,000 may not see a return on your investment. If your home is worth significantly more than that, however, you can afford to spend a bit more on kitchen renovations. It’s important that you get your house valued before thinking about taking on any large works. This will allow you to calculate a budget which factors in cost-effective relativity. 

Benefits of Renovating Your Kitchen

Kitchen refurbishments are of course not only for those looking to sell. If you are planning on staying put in your home but still dream of a better kitchen, there could still be some benefits to investing in the hub of your house. 

Knowing how you use your kitchen day to day, you can plan accordingly to increase its functionality. Perhaps you need more space for eating or further worktops. By re-doing a kitchen for yourself you can have complete autonomy over your future kitchen’s functionality- making it work for you. 

Bringing your kitchen up to date could also see your bills reduce. By choosing modern energy-efficient appliances you can lessen your energy bills. You can equally do your part for the planet by going down a sustainable route and opting for eco-friendly fixtures.

Finally, of course, by redoing the kitchen to your taste it can bring a fresh modernisation to your home and leave you feeling overall more satisfied with your residence. 

new kitchen

What Other Jobs (Within Kitchen) Can You Do To Increase Value Cheaper Than A Full Remodel

If you lack the budget to completely overhaul the room, there are many smaller, more economical tasks you can do to breathe some new life into a kitchen. It’s a great idea to take a look at what your kitchen already has, and take it from there. Concentrate on impact. Where will doing a little change a lot? 

The following list is examples of jobs that would have that very effect. Remember when renovating, sticking to light colours not only opens a space up, making it appear bigger, but the neutrality will also appeal to more people if you are looking to sell. 

  • Changing the work surfaces

New work surfaces, whether wooden, granite or most popular choice laminate, can instantly modernise a kitchen. 

  • Updating the “Kitchen Triangle” 

Inserting new large appliances: the fridge,  cooker and sink increase the appeal and practicality of a kitchen. Stainless steel options are generally considered a solid choice- being easy to clean and fitting with most kitchen designs. 

  • Cabinet Door Renewal

When updating cabinet doors, you can either opt to replace them completely or, even more cost-effectively: you can sand them down yourself and paint them. For an added bonus new handles can change the look of an outdated set.

  • Paint the walls

Not only in the kitchen does a lick of fresh paint on the walls go a long way to refreshing a room.

  • Tiling

Never underestimate the effect of the way tiling looks. Sourcing some good looking tiles and getting stuck into grouting and fitting them is a job that most people could take on themselves. Alternatively, giving your existing ones a good scrub can make a kitchen stand out and sparkle. 

  • Lighting

Perhaps not the number one essential task, but important to mention nonetheless. A modernised lighting system can highlight and brighten even the oldest of kitchens. 

When standing at the start of a kitchen renovation journey, it might seem overwhelming. It is no small feat! With the abundance of information across the internet when it comes to redoing your kitchen, however, you have the tools at your disposal to make a detailed plan and budget for the project. Re-doing a kitchen is a great way to add value to your home when done in the right way. 

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