How Much Value Does A New Kitchen Add To Your Home?

They lie at the heart of each and every home. The kitchen is much more than just a functional space to cook in: it operates as an essential socialising and living space in many houses too. It’s true that not much can improve a home more than a pleasant kitchen can. This article is going to explore in-depth all things kitchen renovations. Whether looking to sell or simply make improvements, here you can dive into what it means to take on a kitchen overhaul. 

Does A New Kitchen Add Value?

A new kitchen undoubtedly adds value to a home.  When viewing a house, people are naturally drawn to the kitchen. The majority of house-hunters are looking for a kitchen with the perfect mix of functionality, design and effective use of space. According to multiple sources, renovating a kitchen can add anywhere between 3-10% value on a house. There are, however, several careful considerations to make before taking a sledgehammer to your old cabinets. 

Planning is key. As you will read in the following sections which cover expenses, it’s firstly very important to determine whether renovating your kitchen will actually be worth it cost-wise. You’ll need to think about setting out a time-frame for actually getting the work done, and maybe consider hiring someone trustworthy to do the work. You’ll need to assess the space available to you itself, and think whether it will be completely torn