How Much Does It Cost To Build A House

Many people dream of building their own homes. The freedom it gives in design choice, personalisation and location make it an attractive project versus buying an existing property. It could also potentially save you money in the long term. To carry out a self home-build takes planning, time and an expendable budget. This article will take a look at just how much you might expect that budget to be. There are many elements to consider so there’s no “one price fits all” for any given self-build, but let’s take a deeper look into the most important components to reveal a general estimate.

What You Need To Consider

Planning, Budgeting & Research

Before embarking on such a large scale project, planning and budgeting are key. To receive a self-build mortgage, to begin with, you will need a sizeable deposit. Don’t let this put you off, however. As mentioned, having the opportunity to build your own home could save you money overall, and you will end up with a home designed to your particular tastes and needs. On average, a house build in the UK in 2021 will cost around £1,800 per square metre. Depending on specs and location, however, this can increase to more than £4,000 per square metre.

It goes without saying to first carry out comprehensive research. Try to