How Long Does Gloss Take To Dry?

When it comes to painting high-touch surfaces like door handles and countertops, a gloss finish is the best choice. Nothing beats gloss when you are looking for that shiny, stainless, weatherproof and waterproof quality in a painted surface. Most other types of paints can’t take the same level of usage with such elegance and durability.

However, that doesn’t make waiting for high gloss paints to dry any less frustrating, especially for those who mostly use water-based paints like emulsion or for an inexperienced DIY painter. Within one hour of painting, water-based paints are usually dry to the touch. However, it usually takes at least four hours on average for high gloss paint to reach that kind of level. Additionally, it takes longer when you are waiting to apply the second coat.

But when gloss paints get their attributes that include reflectiveness, thickness, and durability from enamel resin concentrates, it’s to be expected. These concentrates contain and rely on oil which compared to water takes much longer to be absorbed by the surface when painted. This is why the average gloss paint takes longer to dry; water-based paints will generally dry faster than oil-based paints.

However, drying times vary between gloss paint. It is affected by several factors that we will discuss along with what you can do to make gloss paint dry faster. But first things first, how long does gloss paint take to dry?

How Long Does Gloss Paint Take To Dry?