uPVC Doors: How Much Do They Cost?

Many people don’t give too much thought into their front doors, and so long as it gives you the privacy and security that you need, there’s no problem. But, nothing lasts forever, so this article if about how much replacing your door is roughly going to cost, and what to look out for.

Some people are unwilling to uPVC since they think it is plastic so it either won’t last or it isn’t worth the cost. This is, however, not true since uPVC is much stronger than regular plastic, and it is customisable (most companies will let you do this) to create the perfect front door for your home. There is plenty that you need to know about uPVC doors if this is an option that you are considering so read on to find out more, also if you can fit it yourself.

What are the uPVC front door costs?

Given the nature of the material, uPVC is a lot cheaper than most options you may choose for your front door. It is less expensive than timber and composite doors which are some of the more popular options. However, the material holds up well, and you can quickly get more than 25 years from it, with the standard ten-year warranty. If you’re looking for a maintenance-free door, then uPVC and composite are the one’s I’d recommend. As nice as wooden doors are, they tend to need more work.

Many factors affect just how much you will pay for your front door but for getting the materials needed expect to spend anything between £250 and £350. However, this is just an average figure so that it may vary depending on the following factors.

Type of UPVC Front Door  Cost of Supply
Single Door £300
Single Double Glazed Door £450
French Doors £550

Additional Accessories

If you want any other hardware to improve how your door looks, then that will increase the overall cost. Whether it is a pet flap, knocker or spy holes, these will increase the cost. Some of these accessories such as the spy hole are important so when budgeting have a little extra for these, especially for your front door. I can’t imagine a reason you’d have that in any other door??

Colours and Finish

One reason that many people won’t consider uPVC front doors is because when they hear the name, they think white tacky looking doors. However, a lot has changed since and there are so many colours from which to choose. The options are available to he