Tree Surgeon Prices

Tree Surgeons

Here is a hypothetical situation. You have called up a few local tree surgeons (aka tree doctors or arborists) and immediately got discouraged when they told you their rates, especially the minimum call-out fee which on average is £400. So you thought to yourself, “how can something like this be so expensive?”

Well, you are right to ponder whether these prices are extreme and consider if it is right to pay up to £3000 for a hedge trimming or tree-felling project. However, these prices are significant for a reason.

Tree surgeons are skilled professionals. Their job may seem like general gardening services, but it is much more than that. Tree surgeons are specialists who use professional equipment and have a great knowledge to work with specific trees.

tree doctors

That is the key difference from other gardening services and why the rates are high for tree arborists. They are necessary for the job because of their ability to deal with and understand the legalities of working with specific trees.

If you don’t know what I mean by “legalities of tree removal,” a qualified tree surgeon will tell you that it is illegal to cut down a protected tree. Another reason to pay for tree surgery services is that mistakes made while trimming or removing a tree can affect the health of the tree and nearby trees.

Then there is the biggest reason which is safety. You can’t just leave a damaged, diseased, or overgrown tree to keep affecting the appeal of your garden or endanger lives and properties. However, you do not want to handle it yourself because you know it is a dangerous task that requires the right gear and experience.

So taking this all on board will help you clarify why you need a tree surgeon. But some good news for you. It is not as expensive as you first thought. Depending on the type and scale of the job, you may not spend as much as you initially expected. Also, the call-out fee is deductible from the final charges.

And in this article, we will provide estimates for different job types along with everything else you may need to know about dealing with tree surgeons and the process.

How much do tree surgeons charge?

Job Cost (£) Duration
Tree pruning 100-400 ½-1 day
Small tree removal 400-500 1 hour to ½ a day
Large tree removal 700-3000 ½-1 day
Hedge trimming 90-120 per hour 1-2 days depending on size
Hedge removal 100-500 1-3 days depending on size
Garden clearance 40-60 per worker per hour