Fitted Wardrobes Cost In 2023

Fitted Wardrobes Cost In 2023

Written by  Fiona Weidmann
Last updated: July 14, 2023

Each and every home needs clever storage solutions that serve to maximise and make the most of the space. This is where you might consider installing fitted wardrobes. The price of these, as opposed to stand-alone wardrobes, can be considerably high. This is dependent on the kind of fitted-wardrobe you opt for, whether they be flat-pack or bespoke. What you can receive for that investment, however, is storage that works for your space in shape and design. Let’s open the door to discover all things fitted wardrobes and what they might set you back.

Made To Measure Fitted Wardrobe

Making the decision to install fitted wardrobes in your home is not simply a case of buy and install. It is, in fact, a process. One that is very dependent on the individual room, and the size of the wardrobe being installed. There are innumerable design and style choices to go for. You can either decide to shop around to find what fits with the room in question or go for a bespoke service which will design the wardrobe specifically for your space. Some places will offer a free consultation to give an initial design and quote for the work. Others may already put a charge on this service. They will measure the space within your room and calculate how much you have to work with. They will note any preparation that needs to be done in order to install, meaning a plug socket may have to be removed or the skirting boards. Prices aren’t always offered on websites, so it might be hard to get an estimate without someone coming to inspect your room first.

There are options galore when it comes to fitted wardrobes. For example, the average home in the United Kingdom is amongst the smallest in the world. In order to maximise the space, many opt for sliding doors on fitted-wardrobes. Putting mirrors on these sliding doors can have the extra effect of making a small room appear more spacious. Choosing fitted wardrobes that use traditional solid wood as opposed to PVC will increase the price of them, but will lead to a higher quality finish. Make sure and thoroughly investigate the scope of choices out there, before choosing what is best for your room and budget.

As it is such a large item, unless included in an overall package price, delivery costs can be high. It would be wise to enquire if delivery is contained within the price before going ahead and buying. On average, the overall cost of fitted wardrobes can range from anything between around £900 to £4000 and over. Take note that some places require you to pay in stages of the work being carried out.

blue fitted wardrobe


Depending on where you decide to buy your wardrobe from, you may or may not be provided with the option for installation. In the case where this isn’t offered, you will have to shop around for someone to do this. The price of labour ranges vastly on the individual project. It is also dependent on if there are complexities in the room such as a sloping ceiling. Installation times range but on average it is usually only a days work to get them finished. They will either charge by the hour or an overall sum for the size of the space. This costs usually somewhere around two hundred pounds. As with every DIY hiring process, make sure to do your research and find someone trustworthy, who has a portfolio of their previous work to ensure they install your wardrobes to a professional standard.

In The Wardrobe

Inside the fitted-wardrobe may not be a portal to Narnia, but it can still be something spectacular design-wise. They can be completely customised for your needs. From pull out drawers to shoe space and trouser racks new engineering has made endless possibilities for storing clothes. Selecting, however, the more complex inners will make it increase in price. If you have invested in fitted wardrobes it is just as important to invest in the clever storage solutions on the inside too.

Fitted Wardrobe estimated price figures for some of these internal features are:

  • Drawers can cost anywhere from £80+
  • Shoe racks £70 +
  • A hanging rail £100+

Other specialist features you can opt for include designer lighting or fixed mirrors. It is of course entirely possible to kit out the inside of fitted-wardrobes yourself, this is entirely dependent on the route you decide to go for.

DIY Fitted Wardrobes Cost

It is possible to go it alone and opt to make and fit your wardrobes yourself.  Doing this will save a lot of money. Taking the design from the initial free consultation will allow you to research for the specs you need and install it yourself. The downside to doing this is that it may not appear as outwardly perfect in its finish than it would if a professional took it on. It’s important to weigh up the quality vs price debate. Unless you feel sure in your DIY abilities, it may be a better idea to hire a joiner or installer to do a more robust, longer-lasting and professional job.

To conclude, there are countless benefits to installing fitted wardrobes. The maximisation of space being the top advantage. If you just haven’t been able to find a standalone wardrobe that goes with your room design or fits properly they are the best option. The downside to fitted wardrobes is that you most likely won’t be able to take them with you if you choose to move. This is counteracted, however, by the value they could add to a house. As with anything, do your research to find the best solution for your in-home storage.

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