Roof Cleaning Costs: Full Guide On What To Expect

Roof Cleaning Costs: Full Guide On What To Expect

Written by  Harry Taylor
Last updated: July 5, 2023

Every home is different, and so is every roof. Therefore, prices vary wildly. Size is a factor, and so is the complexity of the surface of the roof. However, the cost should be somewhere between £600 and £1,500.

When you are getting your roof cleaned, it is also an excellent opportunity to get it treated. Indeed, most professionals will offer you a discount if you get both performed at once. Doing both simultaneously saves time, effort, and money for everyone.

The most common form of roof cleaning involves pressure washing. The price is typically somewhere between £8 and £15 per square metre. If you opt to add a thorough treatment of your roof, the process will likely cost £5 to £12 per square metre.

Roof Cleaning Cost Calculator:

Cost per SQM

Why do you need your Roof Cleaned?

We take a lot of things for granted in life. For most of us, that includes our roof. We do not give it much thought, but without it, our home would be utterly unliveable. Damage to even the smallest part of it can lead to immense damage to the structure and our belongings.

Over time, a great deal of vegetation grows on top of your home. After a few years of neglect, you are likely to find various flora and fauna up there. The usual suspects are mould, moss, lichen, and algae.

Many people think these plants are harmless or even attractive. However, their growth is more than just a cosmetic issue. They strike roots beneath the shingles and loosen them. After that, they worm their way into the foundation. Over time this process will remove all of the layers of protection between your home and the elements. At this point, severe water damage is more than likely.

Once vegetation exposes your house to significant water damage, it may never be the same. Excess moisture leads to mould in unexpected places. The truth is, once your home develops a severe mould problem, it can prove ridiculously persistent.

A typical shingle roof layered with asphalt should last well over 20 years. However, stubborn and thick plant growth could cut the shelf-life in half.

If you plan on putting your property on the market, make sure to clean the roof before your first showing. An unsightly roof will also eat into the kerb appeal of your property. The roof is one of the most visible elements of your property.

Additionally, savvy buyers and realtors will quickly identify a neglected or damaged roof. Since redoing the roof is an expensive enterprise, roof issues have nipped many real estate deals in the bud. The difference between a dirty roof and a professionally cleaned one is surprisingly stark. A good cleaning crew will make the top of your home look brand new and far more appealing to prospective buyers.

As you can see, it is vital to monitor the health of your roof closely. Therefore, you should inspect your roof at least once a year. If you do not feel qualified to do so, it is wise to hire a trusted professional to examine it thoroughly. Professionals typically charge £200 to £350 for this vital service.

before after roof cleaning

What does a Roof Cleaning Entail?

A typical roof cleaning involves a team of professionals climbing on top of your home and placing a pressure washer on the surface. The team will then use the high-water pressure to clean any debris off the top of the building and leave it looking shiny and new.

However, there are other forms of roof cleaning which can be quite effective. Some homeowners prefer to have the roof scrubbed manually with a scraper and brush. Scrubbing is a better option to pursue with a more delicate roof or when there are breakables and vulnerable materials on the surface. In these cases, a high-pressure cleaning process can cause more harm than good.

There are other important tasks necessary to keep your roof clean and functioning. One of those is gutter cleaning. You may want to perform this task yourself before the cleaning crew arrives. Doing so will facilitate the more complex roles you hired them to perform.

Whether you get your gutters cleaned or not, you should prepare your roof before inviting a cleaning crew over. Make sure that the workers have easy access to the roof. If you have any furniture or other materials of value, consider temporarily removing them from the roof. If that is not an option, cover your materials carefully with a quality waterproof tarp.

However, you may prefer to have the cleaning crew perform a gutter cleaning for you. After all, climbing to the roof and completing the job can be dangerous. However, due to the simplicity of the task, it is not particularly expensive. If you own a terrace property, professionals may charge as little as £40. Cleaning the gutters of a large property should cost a bit over £100.

What Problems Does a Roof Cleaning Crew Identify?

As we discussed, one of the significant threats to the viability of your roof is the growth of vegetation on the surface. A good cleaning crew will remove the unsightly growth. But more importantly, they will locate and remove the roots of the plants nestled up there. A thorough removal process will stop the problem from recurring and protect your shingles from loosening.

Trained roof professionals will identify moisture concentrations and areas that are likely to develop that problem in the future. They will then resolve the issue and help you avoid damaging leaks in the future.

Tile Repairs

If you delayed cleaning for too long, a good deal of damage might have already accrued by the time a crew gets up there. Some parts of the roof may be prone to the concentration of fluids. Meanwhile, others may suffer from loosened shingles.

The good news is that if the damage is limited, you may not require extensive roof repairs. If you are lucky, a swift round of tile repair will leave the surface (almost) as good as new. Any roofing company worth its is salt will be able to provide this service when you hire them for cleaning.

The cost of this service will depend on two factors. First, how many shingles require replacement. Second, whether or not workers can reach them without the assistance of scaffolding. Repairs without scaffolding run £75-£150. Tile repairs requiring the erection of scaffolding are likely to cost £250-£350.

Either way, this is a bargain in comparison to a full roof replacement. Make sure to get a few quotes, so you have a wealth of choice. Unlike other home improvement jobs, most of the cost goes towards labour rather than materials. Therefore, you may find that the quotes diverge significantly. The difference may be as much as 40% of the overall cost. If so, you shouldn’t give up if the first quote or two do not suit your budget.

dirty tile roof

How often Should I get My Roof Cleaned?

It is important to have your roof cleaned and treated regularly. How often? It varies significantly depending on the exposure of your structure to harmful elements. If your roof enjoys a good deal of sunlight and is not exposed to heavy rain or hail, you will require cleaning less often. In these cases, a cleaning once every three years should suffice.

Unfortunately, most of us in this country do not enjoy these conditions. If your home is often exposed to rain and other damaging elements, you should consider cleaning your roof once every 18 months or so.

However, if trees or other nearby taller buildings protect your home, you can add six months to that estimate. Conversely, if those trees are too close to your home or are prone to shedding leave and branches, cleaning could be even more necessary.

Factors that May Raise the Cost

If the roof in question is in good condition, it makes the cleaning crew’s role far easier. Loose tiles and debris will delay the completion of the job and raise costs.

If you live in the London area or somewhere else in the southern region, you may find yourself paying £100 to £150 more for the same job. Since the regional cost of labour varies more than materials, the price is also prone to more geographical variation. As a general rule, labour cost becomes progressively cheaper as you move further north and farther from London.

In many cases, roof cleaning can be executed successfully by one person. Hiring one individual will save you a significant amount of money. For example, hiring one professional to clean your roof in London will likely cost £400-£500. Meanwhile, a mid-sized crew may charge £600-£700 for the same job. Larger units with over ten workers may cost a couple of hundred more.

How Long Will a Roof Cleaning Take?

Large cleanup crews tend to cost more, but they do have an upside. The larger party, the more quickly they will get the job done. A large group could finish the job in half the time it would take a smaller one.

The length of the job will depend on other factors as well. The more accessible the roof is, the easier it will be for the cleaning party to promptly finish their role. The state and cleanliness of the roof are also a factor. While most dirt and debris are easy to clear, vegetation and growth can take longer to clear. Therefore, algae or weeds with deep roots will complicate the job and take longer to clear.

If so, the estimated time for completion will vary. However, you can expect water pressure-based cleaning to take around 2-5 hours. A more involved job involving removing vegetation at the root or a fair amount of hand cleaning could take 2-3 days if the property is vast. This can vary if you have solar panels installed.

Can You DIY the Job?

The main danger when cleaning your roof is, quite obviously, the height involved. Some of the shingles and spaces may be hard to reach. For this reason, professional tradespeople take extra precautions. For example, some cleanings require the erection of scaffolding. It may be a good idea to let the professionals handle this particular task and avoid a fall resulting in serious injury.

You may be thinking; I am not incompetent. I can avoid falling off the roof. But keep in mind that cleaning will make your roof incredibly slippery and dangerous. Some terrible accidents happen due to encounters with animals or insects on the roof. Birds, squirrels, bees, and hornets can set up camp on the surface of the roof. They will defend their homes if unduly disturbed. Combining a wet roof, inexperience, and unpleasant surprises have been known to turn DIY roof cleanings into tragedies.

The use of water pressuring equipment on your own is also not advisable. The equipment is expensive to rent and difficult to operate. Besides, the high levels of pressure could cause severe damage to the roof and shingles. Unless you have experience in roof cleaning, you should probably leave this one to the professionals.

How to Find a Good Roof Cleaner?

We have established that you are better off hiring a professional. However, there is always the danger of hiring a dishonest or incompetent outfit. How do you avoid that?

Pay close attention to the quote. This article has provided information on the kind of quotes you should expect. Any price well above or below these averages is suspect. If possible, look for a company with a fair amount of positive online reviews. The internet is useful for verifying companies, but some do create artificially positive reviews.

You may also know people with a clean and attractive roof. Ask them how they got it that way! Very often, a recommendation from people we trust is worth more than the word of strangers.

In conclusion, cleaning the roof is an essential part of maintaining your home’s integrity and value, remember if you’re building an extension it’s a good time to get your roof cleaned to it matches! Make sure to hire serious and credible professionals to complete the job every 18-36 months. It will save you a significant amount of money in the long run and raise the value of your home.

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