Roof Cleaning Costs: Full Guide On What To Expect

cleaning roof with water

Every home is different, and so is every roof. Therefore, prices vary wildly. Size is a factor, and so is the complexity of the surface of the roof. However, the cost should be somewhere between £600 and £1,500.

When you are getting your roof cleaned, it is also an excellent opportunity to get it treated. Indeed, most professionals will offer you a discount if you get both performed at once. Doing both simultaneously saves time, effort, and money for everyone.

The most common form of roof cleaning involves pressure washing. The price is typically somewhere between £8 and £15 per square metre. If you opt to add a thorough treatment of your roof, the process will likely cost £5 to £12 per square metre.

Roof Cleaning Cost Calculator:

Cost per SQM

Why do you need your Roof Cleaned?

We take a lot of things for granted in life. For most of us, that includes our roof. We do not give it much thought, but without it, our home would be utterly unliveable. Damage to even the smallest part of it can lead to immense damage to the structure and our belongings.

Over time, a great deal of vegetation grows on top of your home. After a few years of neglect, you are likely to find various flora and fauna up there. The usual suspects are mould, moss, lichen, and algae.

Many people think these plants are harmless or even attractive. However, their growth is more than just a cosmetic issue. They strike roots beneath the shingles and loosen them. After that, they worm their way into the foundation. Over time this process will remove all of the layers of protection between your home and the elements. At this point, severe water damage is more than likely.

Once vegetation exposes your house to significant water damage, it may never be the same. Excess moisture leads to mould in unexpected places. The truth is, once your home develops a severe mould problem, it can prove ridiculously persistent.

A typical shingle roof layered with asphalt should last well over 20 years. However, stubborn and thick plant growth could cut the shelf-life in half.

If you plan on putting your property on the market, make sure to clean the roof before your first showing. An unsightly roof will also eat into the kerb appeal of your property. The roof is one of the most visible elements of your property.

Additionally, savvy buyers and realtors will quickly identify a neglected or damaged roof. Since redoing the roof is an expensive enterprise, roof issues have nipped many real estate dea