Joiners Near Me

Joiners Near Me

Joinery is a service and a profession that is not to be confused with carpentry. Although both are construction trades, joiners traditionally ‘join’ wood in a workshop while carpenters construct building elements on site.

Joinery is an important part of woodworking and is found almost everywhere you look in furniture, windows, doors and flooring. It is a specialist area of carpentry where you would get a specialist joiner or cabinetmaker to do the work, rather than a general carpenter.

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Are you looking for a made-to-measure bookshelf or custom-made doors for your home? Perhaps you need a roof frame constructed or even a new staircase. With our comprehensive guide, you’ll be able to source a professional joiner near you for those jobs that simply don’t pass the DIY test.

Joiners are trained craftsmen who make or joins the wood (usually in a workshop) whereas a carpenter constructs the timber on site. In simple terms, a joiner makes the wood that a carpenter then fixes on-site and arrives with the goods at your home for the job in question.

What To Consider When Hiring A Joiner

Hiring a joiner will allow them to craft and install various building frameworks and structures such as windows and door frames, staircases, and structural beams for your home. But of course, choosing the right joiner for your next project may, at times, turn out to be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Luckily, we’ve rounded up a checklist that will help you choose and meet your demands so that your project can flourish.

1. Above All, Experience Matters

With this specific line of work, you may find that there are joiners who are self-taught or gained their experience through an apprenticeship.  What you’ll need to look for is solid capability and good workmanship.  It’s also helpful to know to what extent a joiner has been in the business and their range of specialisation.

Moreover, references and reviews speak volumes.  You may also look for someone who obtained an NVQ Level 2 certificate – should their working experience be minimal.

2. Notable Notoriety

Again, the reputation of a joiner speaks volumes and doing some online research is a good starting point for you to determine your selection. Online surveys, case studies, and client testimonials on a joiner’s website or search engines is the best route for you to be certain of their skills and reliability.

3. Negotiate A Reasonable Rate

Before you sign any service contract or agreement, make sure you check out what else is available near you. Should there be a joiner whose services appeal to you, then get in touch and ask for a detailed quote with a breakdown of all the costs involved. Essentially, your quote should include labour, materials and any other additional costs such as waste disposal, transport and delivery fees.

Understanding Materials And Samples

By no means are you expected to know this right off the bat, but no two pieces of timber are alike and they can vary in colour, grain and weight. Knowing the materials that you may want to use, but the joiner you choose to work with will be able to tell you if they think that the materials you wish to use are viable.

Having some insight or an idea of what the timbers you wish to use will cost, is helpful. It is usually best to avoid low-quality timbers if you are looking for longevity on a project. Initially, you may save money with cheaper materials, but always consider the long run when you may need to replace or treat it.

If you want to make use of your own materials, be sure to mention this when asking for quotes. But you may also need to consider a professional approach in whether or not it may be suitable for use.

Joiner Services Explained

Choosing the right joiner can make a huge difference between an average finish and one that you can be truly amazed by. With this in mind, if you’re currently on the hunt for professional joiners you can trust, here are some of the great woodworking services that a true expert in the industry can provide:

  • Creating specialist joinery
  • Wooden flooring installation
  • Hardwood fittings
  • Windows and doors
  • Commercial projects
  • Cabinet Making
  • Real Wood Flooring
  • Architrave and Skirting Boards
  • Door Hanging
  • Custom stairs

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

We’ve now covered the basics in what you may need to look for and ask a joiner before you choose them for your project. Other than that, there’s always additional information you may need.

What Is The Average Daily Rate For A Joiner?

A decent joiner will ask between £18-£22 per hour or a daily rate of about £150 – £180. It really depends on what you need to have done. When negotiating rates with joiners, they may be able to sort out a daily rate or an overall cost of the jobs rather than the hourly rates.

Can A Designer Or Architect Be Involved In A Joinery Project?

In most cases, yes. Joiners usually work with many clients on this basis. But it is vital to understand who the final decision maker is and who we take instructions from.

Do Joiners Supply Floor Plans?

Once you have decided to move ahead with a project and signed contracts and paid deposits, a joiner will release detailed floor plans and drawings. This is, however, not something you can expect from every joiner or every project you take on.

How Many Quotes Should I Get?

Get up to three quotes – To protect yourself from being taken advantage of, we recommend getting quotes from more than one joiner. This ensures the quoted cost is in line with industry standards.