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One of the most prominent reasons why you should be looking to hire an electrician would be to ensure effective safety within your house. Fixing electrical issues in and around your home requires expertise, safety training and the right equipment. 

But other than that, do you struggle with a flickering LED spotlight or a faulty light switch that just doesn’t seem to cooperate? Perhaps you have bigger issues at hand such as defective plug sockets? Or do you need an electrical installation condition report (EICR) to ensure that all of your electrical appliances are safe for use? 

Whatever your electrical needs may be, we’ve got you covered.

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From this guide, you will be able to source a wide network of professional electricians (and solutions) near you. This includes services such as electrical set up and rewiring, surge protection, electrical safety inspections, electrical panel installation, upgrading and replacement, as well as outlet installation and repair, to name a few.

What To Consider

When outsourcing any electrical work in and around your home, you need to ensure that you get quality work at the right price. Choosing someone shouldn’t be a hassle, so before you reach out to a tradesman, check that the following boxes are ticked.

1. License And Insurance

This is probably the most important factor to consider once you’ve rounded up a few potential electricians near you. Opting for a tradesman that is fully licensed and insured will guarantee that the job gets done correctly and safely. 

There is nothing more taxing than having to call in a second electrician to fix the job of someone who isn’t qualified in the first place.  As a paying customer, you need to ask for their licensing to check that everything is in place. Some electrical licenses may carry restrictions. It is equally important to make sure the electrician carries all the necessary insurances. Ask to see copies of current policies and make sure they have not expired.

2. Value For Money

Asking for a quote is one way to break the ice and it’s vital to communicate the work that you require, as well as the exact fittings and materials you prefer using. A thorough breakdown of the service and prices should reflect on the quote to make comparing it to others much easier. Choosing an electrician on price alone should not be the dealbreaker as there are other things to consider.

3. Recommendations

Apart from qualifications and experience (explained in FAQs below), a recommendation from someone whose opinion can be trusted or verified is another way to determine if the electrician in question is the right person for the job you require. 

A recommendation is like a resume and knowing that they have a good track record with customers goes a long way. It also helps to know that whoever recommends them was happy with their level of service and workmanship.

Prepping For Electrical Maintenance

Now that you’ve determined what to look for when sourcing an electrician, you’ll need to get the workspace ready. Removing anything that may cause delays or inconvenience will ensure that the job kicks off on the right note. Any obstructions in accessing your home’s main electrical panel should be removed and this includes the moving of furniture that may be in the way of dust or water. 

Another important point to consider is waterproofing of the areas that need to be serviced. If your house isn’t safe from water leaks you may need to look into having this sorted well in advance. 

Electrician Services Explained

A professional electrician can take on the job of installing wiring new electrical cables and the rewiring of existing ones. They can also rebuild and troubleshoot electrical installations and help with installing power switches, refrigerators and other appliances. 

Here’s a helpful list of services that you can ask or check for when sourcing an electrician near you:

Frequently Asked Questions

You are looking at an average rate between £40 and £80 per hour, but in some cases, you may be quoted for a day rate that falls anywhere between £180 and £350. It is not uncommon to pay up to 20-30% more per day when your plumber is installing an appliance into your home.

Electricians operate on different levels of expertise and different terms highlight their skill-set. But in general, the electrician you wish to work with should have the following credentials ready:


– They are regulated by the UK Government

– They work according to the BS7671 Safety Standard

– Their work is regularly assessed

– Be sure to ask for references and ask your electrician if they have public liability insurance of at least £2 million


Most importantly, when you are planning electrical work in your home, check whether it comes under the requirements of the Building Regulations for your area. If it does, you should use an electrician registered with a government-approved scheme who will take care of everything on your behalf and notify your local authority before the work is started.

– Check licenses and insurances.

– Is their quote fair and competitive?

– If your job is specialized, do they have experience in that field?

– Has somebody recommended them or can they show you references?

– Do they have a professional attitude and appearance?

Get up to three quotes – To protect yourself from being taken advantage of, we recommend getting quotes from more than one electrician. This ensures the quoted cost is in line with industry standards.